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  1. u go explore them maps! and beware of angry hounds and optimus pine...and spider and tentacles and tallbirds....just becareful XD, many dangerous many dangerous thing T^T
  2. well, since the new update if u attack one rabbit, all of the nearby rabbits will run to its traps work so much better to catch many at once, plus if u r in a grass land biom, well u r pretty much set for a while lol...u gonna need to plant some twig though lol
  3. if u can plant around 6 bushes of berry and set up by the rabbit hole and beefolo biom, u can last forever XD well thats my food source anyway, i mean u get food as u venture out picking berries and carrots..... make a speedy farm using beefalo's poo =D...thats the easiest way to get food for me, lots of grass in the beefalo biom let u make a lot of traps, oh yeah and plant twigs nearby...and remember that if u plant a berry bush u have to fertallized it using beefalo's poo
  4. it's a little bit hard to navigate but it will do, still a very useful sites
  5. dam u changes.....well it's for the greater good! the way, does trap still work on spiders?
  6. oh i didnt know it was capped XD my bad, i'm derping and never check my FPS lol
  7. lol that's ok most ppl don't really look at the sticky post....
  8. hmm, i ounf a 2 or 3 ways one(not sure, have to check again)...very short bridge and a long bridge leading to the same area...its very convenient =D
  9. that site is very useful indeed, it would be nice to know how many point goes into health and hunger and what not.
  10. i think for now the only way to unlock new character is to die...sadly but it's the the only way that i think sure there will be a new way to unlock character beside dying Soon.
  11. ahhh well i haven't come across one yet so no need for that stuff i guess
  12. ahhh that brick road, i actually don't mind not seeing it, i mean i walk all over the map and discover new things and look for closest path to walk to my destination...and most of time it's not the brick path
  13.!-Don-t-Starve-Early-Access-Beta-Update! is this the one u r looking for?
  14. yeah if it was 5 uses+ it would be worth it to make it but 1 use is just wasting ur time and inventory making's still a cool concept putting stuff to sleep lol....easier to steal egg? about egg, i have yet to come across tallbird nest yet....not worries though, what can u do with egg? does it give u lots of hunger or health point? or better for reserch point?
  15. ahhh in long term i would agree with u there, very true indeed. For me, i like to have resourses wherever i walk to (but still hating long bridges) just to be on the safe side, and i think it would be easier if u want to build a new base, u don't have to carry as much. i think i would maybe like the 50% or 40% overlaps better than 90%
  16. definitly not 100% cuz i killed like 3 of them and didn't get any, i still think its random drops
  17. yeah shorter bridge, bigger map is the way to go!
  18. i don't think the 90% overlaps is that great since u r losing the area therefore, u also lose ur resourses.
  19. WELCOME TO OUR LITTLE you will find our deaths, day survived, maps, strategies, and many more useful information to help u get through ur lonely night out in the woods
  20. yeah since the new update the hounds have been running into me a lot lately lol....thank god i was close to my beefalo friend >.<
  21. day 16, i spent almost the whole day running from 3 red hound 6 normal hounds 2 optimus was friggin fantastic, busy day indeed!
  22. hmm i would say that we should have some sort of a quick portal we can build and have "limited" uses per day or something like the meat effigy =D, if there were to be speed buff item, there should be limited to bridges only so it won't take too much of the game