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  1. i don't even use them for my fire lol, i only use it for traps and making rope....i hope they fix it Soon
  2. yeah normal traps work just fine...might as well use that and save ur spider webs
  3. if anything, we should be able to stack manure more take s a good bit of time to walk around and collect it and for those players with big ass, long bridge maps, going back and forth the pig village and collecting manure from beefalo map is going to be a pain in the bum bum.....not every player are harcore player and some ppl are still getting use to the game (me!)...i mean even in real life when u cut grass, it grew back by itself lol....longer spawn time might be a better idea....gotta remember that every map is different, pig kings maps might be 3 island away for some ppl so going back and forth to get manure is just not worth it
  4. hmmm good point, i did c a lot of crow on the bridge....not a bad idea
  5. i like those overlaping kind of maps, but then u will have less adventure, i think it would depend how much resource u get in those map too...i have tonssss of resource =)
  6. i agreed that the grass fertalize is a bit much, i mean i don't want to spend my whole day collecting poop and wonder which grass is fertallized =/ i would like it better if the time for regrowth get longer....=/
  7. i figured it would be one of the buttons...shift click or ctrl click.....glad i figured it out fats
  8. someone said that if u plant a tree it won't be bad at u anymore:evil:
  9. ur luck can't be worst than mine lol, i spend half the day running and kiting hell and normal hound and only on day 16, i can't imagine what my day would be like at 100 lol...if i ever make it there hahaha
  10. with a cool animation of the whole island being destroy!..that would be cool!
  11. if u know u r gonna die, i would reserch everything and just suicide lol, thats way u get reserch point hahaha
  12. hmm ssry no one reply to ur post, i think there is a forum about this already, try looking around and don;t forget to check the sticky
  13. if u like my beard wait until i up load more XD
  14. i will for sure upload it again when im done being lazy, and my humble apology ma'ma....i too am also a sis XD
  15. as much as i hate the hounds, i wouldn't go to the extent of removign them, but i do agreed about 25 day spawn time....way better to have new players explore and estrablish their base.
  16. well then prey to god that this new wall will come out when they do fix the would be nice to have some type of fence that u can actually see what's on the other side lol,,,trees arent the best type of wall to have when u derp all day like me XD
  17. it's not a bad idea, we will have to c what the Devs will implement in the future patch...for now i think they should balance out when hound should attack, some ppl who just bought the game get attack on there first day, ofc they would not know what to do in this situation...some ppl might say that it's easy to kill them but if u r a new player to the game, they wouldn't know what to do unless they have time to explore first....they should be fix to start spawning let 10...or so on and so on.....starting over is not fun for everyone..
  18. hell hound lol, when they die, they turn to flame so be very careful where u kill them....might set ur base on fire!the safest thing to do if u just start is to find beefalo and stay by them and when the hound attack u, kite them around near the beefalo and it will eventually attack the beefalo instead of u....and well, beefalo will take care of it for u XD
  19. nah i don't thing that they will change the wall thing just yet, i mean unless they are replacing it with something that we can be safe with....i dont know if u use tree as walls like i do, for me it will just be plant tree for good deeds! lol....either way i'm very curious to what this hotfix is...been waiting all day >.<
  20. nah i think ur luck is just bad, they really don't have a time for attaking you. i"ve been attack durring the day and through out the day, some ppl say that u can hear their voice before they attack you.....u can also attack it with axe, it will just take a lot of hits >.< but really it's random time for them to attack you