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  1. i would wear log suit at night and drop my backpack and equip my spear, make sure u keep fueling ur fire and when they attack, u can just kite/hit them around ur camp/....log suit helps a lotttttt - - - Updated - - - i would wear log suit at night and drop my backpack and equip my spear, make sure u keep fueling ur fire and when they attack, u can just kite/hit them around ur camp/....log suit helps a lotttttt
  2. let us have the longest beard XD btw is there any name i can call u instead of growlitheappear? lol
  3. yeah i do hate bridges but i love this map, it have a lot of resources and the overlaping brideges gave me a way to go to different island instead of going around them
  4. i am a happy survival weeee...this hotfix is so awesomeeeeee i love it, now i can move my base around alot easier =3
  5. ahh that i did not know...gues pigs will eat anything lol XD
  6. no u r right,as of right now most of the stuff from the grave like rockets and toy stuff is pretty useless and mainly for the machine in my opinion....
  7. all else fail plant some pine cones....if u r lucky enough it will stop killing u =3
  8. well, i've been using almost the same amount of grass post and pre patch, the problem isn't the amount of grass i have to collect but the fertilizer for them, like i said before, my map is very big consist of 9 small and big islands with bridges....the pig king is on the total opposit side where the beefalo took me almost 2-3 days to get to it....if we have to keep fertilize it then we need to walk back and forth the maps.....u kinda have to choose 1 or another =/ pig king or beefalo ...not everybody will have small overlaping maps...
  9. added =)....i hope more ppl will be able to join, group chat can be fun imo =)
  10. i never once use grass for fire cuz it just doesn;t make any sense to me lol most of my grass went to ropes and trap and occationally torch...but u gotta remember that ppl move their base all the time, and sometime their biom does have grass or it can be frustrating carrying those in ur back pack or walk back to coleect more....
  11. i got abig fat zero on the birl lol but i have a lot of graveyard, stones and hives and this is my beard for now, i just dont want to shave it lol"]
  12. well im looking into more of a chat thing than another forum really
  13. ahh i c..i would love to have new friends who play this game on steam for sure =3..and thank you for letting me know about that one, i will check it out <3
  14. that is another good idea too, Since the grass nerf, i play less for sure cuz i get frustrated about the fertilize random grass thing
  15. i would love to hear ur thought about the character unlock too if u have any comments on that, as of right now i know i can unlock 3 character but i can't do that without dying, im not sure if u guys mentioned if it was to be fix later on or ealier, i would love to have the character unlock and play them p.s. if i missed a note on that then i apologized
  16. that is pretty accurate....some ppl make 4 traps per 2 days....and yes,ropes are the big use too...
  17. whoa whoa whoa...winter? sooo where can i go to hibernate >.,<
  18. yeah i found my pig king but its with like 5 pig not quite ready for that full moon yet so im staying away from them lol
  19. here ya go! i finally finished walking every where....9 islands in total =D"] my pig king are way way down there to the beefalo farm is way on the top..... oh yeah..not a single tall bird were seen that day...i will have to make due lol
  20. i found an actual amulet from diggin a grave before the patch >.< and it was useless then so i reserch it LOL
  21. hi, as we all know this forums are very active which is good, i have an idea of adding each other on steam account and maybe make chat room for us so we can chat and play at the same time....questions and experiences can be share and get response way faster.....if anyone want to talk you can leave ur steam name below and i will add u all =D.... mine is: Little Teemo (kanyarart1)