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  1. I did that but there r always bees in tne box... not a big deal though i stop hatching my we noodle now, just collecting atm
  2. Yeah, i got the same problem, now i just harvest and run real quick and hope i don't take dmg...
  3. I find it best to have pine cone in hand, if u keep planting pine cones the tree will eventually stoP chasing u
  4. Seem like Kevin doesn't like my offer, how about you JoeW, would u like to trade me? i will give you 25 tallbirds (hatched) for 1 beefalo pet.....=3
  5. i have 1 nest in my world so it's gonna take a while T^T...i trade you 25 tallbirds for 1 beefalo yeah? XD but yes challenge accepted indeed
  6. "rocking" is the word...if it's rockign it's good...if its not its either too close to the fire or too far from the fire.....
  7. i will give u my wet noodle tallbird pet and in return u can give me a beefalo pet instead ....i will even give you 2 wet noodle tallbird...2!'s a 1 time know you want it =3
  8. what's wrong with his tone? i don't c anything wrong with it...he's not being rude or anything...
  9. what about bee box? do they spawn if u catch them from the bee box?
  10. yeah i want to know if they do spawn if u catch them from ur bee box......bee mine glitch will give u like 1000 bees XD
  11. Can anyone tell me how many cycle each farm have until you have to fertilize it? with the new update, some ppl said 10,20 and 30 cycles for each farm....just want to confirm......also if u catch bees do they re spawn?
  12. as much as i love playing with friends, i still think that this game is better off's already manageable doing it alone.....more player is just way too challenge
  13. depend on how long u let it rock for...could be 2 days or 4 days or longer....the more u let it rock the faster it will hatch
  14. the stuff from graveyard such as toys can be given to pigs king and get gold nuggets or u can research it, they are around 100+ points. and yes gold is the only thing gave out make a permanent base, get meat effigy later in game to, bee box is very very helpful cuz honey give u the best healing points (that i know of) farm foods and explore some more =)
  15. i love smaller maps..if u think about it its the same with the one with the bridge,,,it just look smaller cuz there are no no bridge= less time walking across it....I.hate.bridges.
  16. he can be kill with 4-6 hits depending on what weapon u r using