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    1. Rabbitfist



      wait you have leona profile pic.

      u know what this means >:(

    2. Little Teemo

      Little Teemo

      That i love Teemo and Leona <3

  2. sooooooooooo.....u don't have to generate new map for new mobs??????
  3. Day 11 everyone......XD......never die so early in my 332 hrs of gametime before this....GG no RE
  4. restarting steam should update it automatically...check ur night is shorter and twilight is longer...that's how u tell =3
  5. anyone notice that the torch went out extreamly quick? and the pig still chase me till the end of time >.> i have to close my game and lose a day to fix it.....torch went down every sec, more than 50% gone when i use it at night...and night is only 2-3 bars?....yeahhh -_-
  6. Like:new mobsnew craftable itemswinterHATE:mandrake for panflute, mandrake for panflute, mandrake for panflute, mandrake for panflute, mandrake for panflute, Mixed:armor / weapon nerfsspider spawn rate
  7. i don't know if it's just me or the nest spawn spider a lot faster the time i finish killing 2 spider (1 normal.1 warrior) the nest just spawn another 2 spiders........very annoying. The nerfed to the weapon is....idk.....
  8. i was hoping that panflute recipe would go back to what it was =(
  9. that's the error that Riptidepow got when he was streaming the prepatch....wierdddd
  10. i got one without a bridge and a wormhole =( then one with no beefalo....idk....mayb
  11. paper? i thought i was wrapping wet noodles on my body lol....
  12. there are more stuff to be added to a pengull...or wutever it is lol...i think he meant a tweak or more feature =3
  13. i would rather have a circle map like before, i really love that map's not so map give me a headache
  14. i really hate the new map gen...which we can get the old map option =(
  15. Panflutes require a mandrake to craft..................T^T GG
  16. new recipe for pan flute now need mandrake.....4 in the world with no respawn...gotta really think ifu wnna use it on the deer crop or the walrus lol
  17. just put a wall around ur base....atleast it will give him something else to destroy other than ur stuffs.....
  18. Kevin said that Sanity should be a long slow process so player won't have to just worried about the sanity meter in the early me, you will have other things to worry about when the winter comes...
  19. the stream is still going on.....but Kevin is not there anymore
  20. my reaction to deerclop is " WTF SO COOL" reaction to the new pan flute recipe (need mandrake)....."THE FK IS THIS?! LAMEEEE"