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  1. BUG: Two guards on first level

    I also ran into a rather complicated one and I'm not sure if it would be replicable. I was on the level where you kill the guy and the alarms go off according to the scenario. After that I went to lower the elevator like planned. However, after this I realized there was a whole group of guys back there and they weren't actually chasing me, just looking for me. So I go back to kill them but it took a couple checkpoint resets since it was a rather complicated ordeal to stealth kill all of them and hide bodies without the alarm (gameplay version) being raised. I finish and go to move on but then the elevator wasn't saved in the lowered position, yet the activated elevator button was, so I couldn't use it to bring the elevator down out of the way. It remained like that even after exiting and going back into the game, so I had to bail on that level run
  2. In the first level if you kill the two guards by dropping the light on them, their deaths aren't counted at the end-of-level checklist. Several of my friends also noticed these two guards not crossed out so I counted soldiers as I went along to find out it was them, I killed them another way and they were properly checked off. Edit: Oh, this is the windows version on Steam.