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  1. Or, you can also hire some pigs to do the dirty work for you
  2. Farmer vs. Hunter/Gatherer

    Thanks for posting that entry from Kevin. I was thinking of something like the rabbits eating your gardens to help reduce the food farming tactics, but the design team is already on top of it. It looks like the developers have some interesting challenges in store for us. Looking forward to it
  3. Does it get harder?

    I would suggest exploring. You will find all kinds of "interesting" things out there.
  4. Nope. The game won't let us do that. Can't put 'em in the crock pot live as well . . One thing I noticed is when you trap them then relocate them away from their rabbit hole from where they spawned, it seems like they won't find a new hole to hide in. I placed several around my little base and they kind of just hang around there. The bad thing about having those little critters around the base is if their are any dropped veggies, they will gobble them up . .
  5. [Gameplay] Birds Stuck Mid Air

    Noticing the same issue with the birds since the latest update. It appears approximately 50% of the time, when the birds attempt to land near other objects, (trees, chests, etc), they will be stuck in mid air for a variable amount of time before landing. The birds will also get stuck in an open area as well, but at an apparent lower frequency. *Edit* Will add that the game map was created before the last update and issue noticed since last update. Unknown if a newly created game would eliminate issue. *
  6. Smallbird science?

    I haven't spent too much time with them yet, but I have noticed a couple of things . . 1. They don't like the turkeys. I had one attack and kill a turkey. 2. The Tallbird will attack and kill them. (lost mine to one)