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  1. had a new death today Day 17 finally got my camp all sorted and set up! just made 7 more pig homes to go with the 7 that was allready with the pig king, i have created a really closed in fully packed forest, and 3 days have past! there fully grown. me and my pig army take the forest out and i collect the hundreds of logs. as i replant the trees it gets to dawn!! "better hurry up only got a few fur cones left" "bollocks i blocked my self in these trees" "wheres my axe, oh **** it ill make one!" "**** I CANT MAKE WOODEN AXES FROM LOGS, THIS AINT MINECRAFT" mean while the spiders spawn and from a guess im rather sure the spiders said "haha look at that stupid bearded man stuck in that tree, im gonna **** him up for being so DUMB!" Day1 wake up on floor, turns game off again!
  2. Day 113. So yea in the swampits, im hungry, im nearly dead! BUT THERES HOPE. I have a fishing rod "fishy fishy fishy, hey look a frog" owww just robbed me wtf!! *stab* hmm really need more health frog legs ay! should i cook em? *STARTS CAMP FIRE* "yay cooked frog legs yay"!!! *reeds next to pond set in flames* im stood on the reeds DAY 1 wake up on floor. turns game off! tell me about your deaths
  3. Stratagy and explanation coming tomorrow! look out for it....