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  1. [Crash] Doesn't start after update

    It may be a decade old, but I would say that it is the most proven of all Microsoft products. There is a reason why most financial institutions use it. That being said it is an old system, so I would understand if you dropped support for it, but that decision should have been made prior to saying you support it.
  2. [Crash] Doesn't start after update

    Kishin, I am perfectly capable of reading, Kevin asked me a question and I answer.
  3. [Crash] Doesn't start after update

    [ATTACH]517[/ATTACH] Kevin, I do not have any of those files except for a log file from my game from yesterday, I'll attach it though. I hopefully am wrong. Also some specs: Windows Xp SP3 log.txt
  4. [Crash] Doesn't start after update

    Tried that already went through all 169 posts on that thread tried eery possiblity I could, no cigar
  5. [Crash] Doesn't start after update

    Haha, well the solution is to add that dll, and then the next and next. I guess we just need to wait until tomorrow for the fix.
  6. [Crash] Doesn't start after update

    Do you think that you can add only that file? Does it have other dependancies?
  7. [Crash] Doesn't start after update

    Hi, I would just like to ask is this issue being worked on? Is there an ETA? The issue I am refering to is the one posted directly above by Marak