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  1. I know that the game is supposed to be difficult at times, but this is a bit excessive. 4 times I've played, all 4 times I've died is because of hounds, all on the 7th day. I've even tried preparing for it by having a spear and it will just not die. even kiting doesn't work. this is one thing that is ruining my gaming experience.
  2. so making a new world is the only option? does that mean I lose all my science points and unlocks?
  3. I think he means that he'd rather not lose the backpack and store it away when he doesn't need it, but later pick it up when he does need it.
  4. and to answer your question, bees themselves give 1 honey or 1 stinger and the hives give 3 honey and 1 honeycomb. I found this out by looking on the don't starve wiki by simply googling it.:
  5. I've looked into werepigs and they look similar, but different. this creature is on all fours and will just not stop, I get away from it and a few moments later it's right back on me. also, this was during the day, not the night, so would't they transform back during the day? that's what threw me off the idea of a werepig, it doesn't make sense.
  6. 4 times, all because of a black and brown pig like creature, idk what it is and it's pretty annoying to get situated and killed at your base camp by this creature, it seems invincible and powerful. anyone else having this issue?
  7. I'm setting up a base camp on the first island and always on the 7th day a black and brown hairy pig like creature barges in and starts chasing me endlessly around without stop, I try to kill it by the hit and run method like I do with the spiders, but it never works. I've played 4 times and every time it comes and kills me. is this happening to anyone else? because it's really getting annoying every time I get myself situated and wham, dead. I understand the game isn't supposed to be easy on you, I do, but how do you kill or get away from something like that?
  8. I would also recommend a permanent shelter, like a lean-to or even a debris hut style shelter. this way you can have a real base camp like in real survival. maybe eve in the later parts allowing you to build a log house to live out of. have the game progress like someone living off the land, eventually you're going to make some sort of semi-permanent shelter and eventually a permanent one. the straw roll just doesn't cut it for shelter.