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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Incorrectly Resarching Advanced Recipes Steps to reproduce 1- Build Science Machine 2- Accumulate Research Points 3- Research items flagged as requiring Alchemy Engine Describe your issue The game just allowed me to research advanced recipes without building an Alchemy Engine. I had only a Science Machine, and accidentally clicked on a red recipe (Alchemy Engine required). It researched anyway and became build-able. To confirm, I tried again after accumulating more RP (it still enforces RP costs apparently). I was able to research the Pig House and several Alchemy flagged hats as well, using only the Science Machine. To date, I've never actually built an Alchemy Engine in any of my runs.
  2. World Map

    Agreed; was going to suggest something along these lines myself. Either color code biomes from the beginning, or perhaps it could be gated by crafting an "Improved Map" of some sort.
  3. I saw at least one comment where the poster described how he carried his logsuit in inventory and switched out, dropping the backpack on the ground, for combat. I've adopted this strategy myself, but it gets a little clicky grabbing the backpack off the ground all the time. As a matter of convenience, it would be nice if you could just right click the backpack on the ground to equip it directly.