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  1. If only. If only. Backpacks are nice though. Sort of a cheap chest. Speaking of which, the updated chest size is nice. Also cheaper boards. Makes storage nicer.
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number Nov27 Issue title You can research ANYWHERE Steps to reproduce Step one, highlight item not researched and x'd out in red (signifying you are not near a Science Machine or Alchemy Engine.) Step two, click it. CLICK IT. And bamf, researched. Describe your issue So I accidently clicked an item I hadn't researched yet - in this case, the Blowdart gun - and was able to do so without being near any machines. It still took the research points, but seems like it shouldn't be happening that way. It was X'd out at the time, not green, stating you needed a Science Machine, etc. Very weird.
  3. Crock pot stacking

    All this crock pot talk is making me think of Super Paper Mario. Although hopefully things that AREN'T food don't pop out on this. I like the idea of tiered meals based off what you use as ingredients. Sounds like a good balance between the current none stacking, more customization approach and making it super simple Maybe you can even add in hidden combos then.
  4. Often I run with a Tallbird egg in hand and mad dash all the way to camp with it that way, rather than making inventory space. It is indeed useful and makes sense.
  5. I've seen golden nuggets in two spots now: randomly near graveyards and a ton spawning in what can only be described as a Spider infestation. The area had 4 gold nuggets and about 5 spider nests.
  6. Love the update. Ran into my first hounds probably 2 nights after I updated...soooo day 12. Was heckling some spiders at the time, then all of a sudden two dogs appear. Not too bad, but thankfully because I was already in combat mode. Noticed two things though. One, sounds appear through chests now? Manure makes its fly smell and bees are noisy in my other chest. Also, Some effects seem a bit more unstable now - fire effects don't seem to pop up when I set the spider den on fire, and the Graveyard mist went crazy too. Oh yeah and Tallbirds hate you now forever. I like that.