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  1. I had email to the adress mention above, and I got a reply that dev's are looking into it with valve, so there is hope, don't know if for past aquisitions or only for the future ones, eather way, i'm glad about it.
  2. I dont know how the world maker works, but you indeed got yourself a small map, try it again, I got a huge map and trying to dominate it is pain. that's probably why you end up to be king of the world so fast. Did u die at least? because depending on the days, you will unlock the other characters, and I see no tent on your town. This game has it is now, it kind of drives tru player imagination, there is alot of fun stuff to do, but the repteated tasks u need to do every day may make the game a bit boring at some point. I play 7hours straith and has a bit tired of it, didnt make it all of it yet!
  3. You know that you can change character once you build a tend right? doesn't that mess with your saving request? or I'm missing something here? Still don't get why multiple saves are an issue, Even Plant's Vs Zombies have multiple-saves aka profiles, I use one profile, my wife uses another and my dauther use's another one, and the game only cost me 3$, is a basic feacture, probably not priortized but, well hope release have it
  4. I already have the game on my steam, if I render the keys on steam will I get a "don't starve gift" for each key? had any one try this? because would be anouying buy it and end up with some kind of error like "you already have the game" Guess this would be my solution, altrue still have a 2-pack that can't split into 2 gift's
  5. thanks for the replys guys, I had try the steam support, but has messy has hell, I directly ask them to have 2 gift's instead of the 2-pack (delet 1, give me 2), and they refuse, the only thing they told me to do and has not very clear, has "we refund you and you (me) can use the steam waller to buy the upgraded version", and I did rebuy the game with same issue, so i'm done with steam for this. I buy the game for give away, even if i can't split some how, I will give it away has it is, but is kind of sad cuz has not my intention to give 2 copies of the game to same person. Any way, will try the livesupport{at}kleientertainment{dot}com now. what you mean? change a key for a 2-pack? or you giving me the key for free for my channel?
  6. I buy it from steam has gift, but has a "2-pack" I have to give 2 copies of the game to the same person, and I want to give only one copy, the gift one is only avaiable to you if you activat one copie on your account and I allready have my copy. Basicly I brought two "Don't Starve 2-pack", I used on copy on me and ended up with: 1x "don't starve gift" = 1copy of the game and 1x "don't starve 2-pack" = 2copy of the game
  7. Ok, so I look for the magic itens and What did I remember "magic mirror" from snow white! them i realize there is no glass on the game, but there is loot's of gold that can also work has a reflective object. So my suggestion is to be able to build a magic mirror, that we could use to retrive information that is no near our eyes too see, the potential of this item is huge, has huge has the game it self, but for the moment here is something that comes into my mind. using the magic mirror could allow us to: - Information about all or specific amount of specie(s) in the map, for exemple I want to kill some Buffalos for meat, but I had allready kill somany of them, is the puplation of buffalos almost exstint or can i kill a 3 more, did it grow up since last kills? - how many spider nest are on the map - Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the strongest of us all? - for exemple if the mirror say that is not u, u could quest yourself to go kill the strongest beast on the map and becaume the ultimate strongest creature on the map. Who say strongest can say other thing. - It could also be used for tips, "mirrior mirror on the wall, what the hell is this for?" u get the picture right Thanks for your attention, Nii
  8. I would like to have multiple saves for the simple reason of starting a new game without ending the previews one! I don't mind not be able to load the game from the previewest safe save (cheating the surviving days), but I do mind not be able to start a new game without losing the progress of the old one.
  9. I would like to add also that, it should be possible to see how many days left for the next fullmoon, maybe by mouse-over the moon icon?
  10. Hello Every one, I'm a Streamer on, I buy has a gift a 2-pack from steam for give aways on my channel, but i can't split it in to 2x"Don't Starve Gift". So I would like to trade the 1x"Don't Starve 2-Pack" for 2x"Don't Starve Gift", altru I think will be very hard to manage that, well had to try it. Also if any one stuck with their extra copie of don't starve and don't mind to suport a starter casual stream channel, I would be happy do receive your free copie to give away on my channel and help it grow stronger and faster. Thanks for your atention, Nii