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  1. Their end is your beginning, huh?Did you guys ever thought about the characters who die in this video? Might be the next part in this riddle. It just seems to random to be unimportant!Anyways the order in which the characters die are WesWendyWX-78WillowWilson
  2. In times like these, I wish they would invent a multiple worlds feature so you don't have to start over to play with another char or on another world. I really like my world and don't really wan't to reroll it, nor wan't I to start over in general right now :/
  3. That's really good to now! Thanks for sharing your plans! and gz for getting Borderlands 2
  4. I'm on Day 136 right now and I could get further, but I'm not playing that much lately.
  5. 1. I don't really like that idea, I might be wrong, but you can't just turn a stone into flint without transmutation. 2. A machine with compresses sand to stone? Sounds a bit to far advanced for the world of don't starve to me. 3. Maybe not a rock farm, but some sort of ravine which you can find on the map. You'll build a basic derrik out of boards and ropes on top of it, which brings up a rock once a while. Someone posted this idea before I believe. 4. Mountains might be nice, but it must be in an specific biome, so it's just like the 'rock island'. 5. I really like that idea. We already have a tree guard, why not a stone guard? This would be a really nice idea.
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Disappearing Amulet Steps to reproduce Put a stack of atleast two amulets in your backpack. Right-click to equip it. Describe your issue When you do the steps above, you'll have one amulet equipped, when you know put back on the backpack, the other one isn't there anymore, nor is on the ground or elsewhere. It just disappears.
  7. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Sleeping Bird is not sleeping Steps to reproduce Build a Birdcage Put a Bird inside Wait till nightfall Describe your issue If you put a Bird inside a Cage and examine it at Night Wilsons says "Awwww he's asleep". But if you ask me, this bird doesn't look sleepy at all. He even cheeps sometimes.
  8. Well, I struggled very hard myself at the beginning. I kept reroll my worlds and I think the game got anoyed by me dieing over and over again, and it gave me an world which could be called easy mode. Tons of grass, carrots, berrys, rabits and even 3 beehives on the first Island. The second world greeted me with a graveyard right to begin with and also offered some 3 solo graves. There also lives an lonely Pig which might be an beefalo farmer, since his house is right next to the a field of beefalos. Since the graveyard is full of spiderhives I'm never runnig out of silk either. The third Island is the residence of the pigking, where I can trade my goodys from the graves into tons of gold. Island 4 then makes an 180° turn is is 98% Swamp with tons of tentacles. Maybe the games want's to give me a challenge after all, once I get ready for it, which I am now. It doesn't feature a tallbird nest or a rockfield, but it has some single rocks ones, which is enough.
  9. This would only makes sense, if you couldn't catch the bee when it's aggro. But since it's possible to catch it by clicking it, your argument is invalid.
  10. Does feeding petals usally let them poop? I know they poop, when you feed them berrys, but that they should poop when you feed them petals is new to me.