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  1. I have the same problem I amserver_log.txt trying to create a world, but it doesnt seem to work at all.
  2. Olia

    Kevin, if you have some time, please take a look at this: http://penny-arcade.com/patv/episode/balancing-for-skill it explains what Don't Starve as a game lacks a lot, and what might become a problem (for me, it is already a huge problem when playing).

  3. I'm afraid that i have been browsing the forum and have asked people for tips and hints, and got a lot of them. but to me, this did not help. you may say that i will get better over time, and i agree with that. but after a week of playing, i barely made any progress at all. almost 0 actually. i'm currently at the stage where i consider quitting playing this game until an easy mode (or anything like that) will become available, because it just creates too much disappointment for me. there are other games i have ready to play too. i like this game, so i made this thread. you don't have to agree with it, but not everyone is destined to become a pro. i know that it is the devs intention to make this game hard, and i applaud that. but it will then become a game that i cannot play (like billions of others out there). and yes, devs don't need to cater to eternal noobs like me. but i figured it was worth a try to ask ^_^
  4. dear devs, i'm pleased to hear that you think that most of your players find the game too easy and that you have ambitious plans to solve that problem. it just means that a lot of good players are playing what you have created. unfortunately, i'm not one of them. in fact, i'm really, really bad at gaming. i could give some examples to illustrate the degree to which i manage to fail, but let is just say that i am most likely the worst player in this community (people who quit after 1st attempt don't count). so, i humbly beg you to create an easy mode. at this stage, i don't even care any more how exactly that easy mode will look like (i believe the world generating screen mentioned something about despair... well, i have enough of that to share!). i just want it to be there. please. seriously, please. feel free to add anything like: - map for noobs (with a grave) - make mobs depend on player lvl - introduce a fairy godmother who will occasionally donate an amulet - make players re-spawn in same world with all their stuff still there, except the inventory. feel free to reduce that to ashes as punishment. - give players some free amulets at the start of the game (though this will not likely save me, but heck.. it's worth a try) - allow multiple saves - allow for co-op and fellow player resurrection - anything pretty please? ._.
  5. unless im mistaken, it might also be 11.99 euro as well. there is an economic reason behind it, i think. im not sure how to explain it, but it might be because 1 euro to me is worth about same as 1 pound is worth to you (inside own country). so in a way, they just want us to pay 24 cheap chocolate bars.
  6. SUGGESTION: in capitals because it's such an awesome idea. how about giving people 5 free rebirths per char? you can chose yourself whether to use them or not and once they are gone, they are gone. it allows for some learning curve without immediate penalization. @Luna i think i've seen your name before. domo? EE? mabi?
  7. i read everything, but my head spins... so, just responding to the main thing: o__o i do want to cheat with survival days. reason: i'm not getting past day 8 for 2 irl days now. so i havent unlocked anything you people discussed yet >_<
  8. dear support, my friend gifted me a copy of Don't Starve on Steam, and i like it very much. EDIT: people have convinced me that dying is part of the charm. still, i really dislike dying, so i would like to request an "easy mode" where you get some free ressurections. also, a minor issue: i would really love to play as a character with the same gender as me, even at the start. i never play as a male character (only exception: bastion) and to be honest, i would have never bought this game myself because it has no female starting character. thank you very much for your attention.