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  1. not that hard just attack the nest. they all come out and 1hit you if you chill. they rarely come out in my games (bug?) so i hit it run over some flowers they stop and i get the honey woho. it's odd to me to cook them like it's odd for you not be able to cook also occupies 2 inventory places and you don't rly have a lot of them. my point being in spending more resources. a few days? whats the point in introducing such a system if it would happen in a few days? today its good meat tomorrow its rotten meat.when the sun rises everything should get bad. i want challenge. sounds nice. sucks
  2. For a game with the name don't starve its damn easy not to. i've played for about 6h and i never died because of food. don't get me wrong i've died but only because i'm stupid and want to poke everything that is new...stupid bees. And because there is no hand holding i can't rly tell what is intended,what is exploiting or a bug. like why can you cook berries on an open fire?and even if you would have a pan what exactly do you cook there and why?or why does cooking meat not consume something like a twig? Also has the chest some kind of build in refrigerator because none of the stored food gets bad. The first Trap(s) is damn useless because you don't need it. First you have to build it, place it,put in bait and then wait. nothing wrong with that if you wouldn't be able to just kill the rabbits.You just have to find the hole then click attack on the rabbit and done. i would like something like a diminishing return system it would not only make the character healthier and an educational role model it would also make the game more challenging. The name of the game is Don't Freaking Starve i want every day to think it's my last and be scared to load the game because i might not find enough food and eat my last rotten meat that would bring me to my last HP and a crow should poke me in the head because i smell like dead man and die. ------------------------------ The combat is damn impressive. i have more fun killing stuff then i had in 60h of D3 very responsive and very intuitive. Some parts of gathering feel tedious like chopping a big ass tree feels like it takes yeeeeears. A visual indication like the stones have would help in my opinion. and im not sure but is chopping or mining etc. with a broken tool not dangerous because it might break and hurt you?just sayn risk>reward ----------------------------- And a small question how do i delete my save? i would like to lose all the research done but not the characters that i've unlocked. thx and sry for my English