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  1. Combat: During combat, special music plays. Since in-combat and out-of-combat seem to be clearly defined, I suggest that while in combat (or even all the time), the hit-boxes of monsters/enemies ALWAYS be above other hit-boxes, like those of items. This will prevent the player from picking up an item instead of attacking an enemy when clicking on the area where an enemies hit-box is. This is mostly an agitation when killing spiders 4 at a time, and the player ends up picking up 3 items in the duration of the fight and taking 2-3 extra hits because of it. I agree that this is a pain when is combat and you click on unintended target but if you make it easier to click the monster when your are just clicking around something like a beefalo and smack one with a torch its never a good thing
  2. That is really it I would like a fullscreen function I hate scrolling.