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  1. easier to carry and use, it's literally a luxury item. There's no reason NOT to use it really.
  2. It took several attempts to reach that point of course, but by the time I get to around day 20 or 30 I have a full camp with everything I need including enough permanent food sources to generate a surplus and a meat effigy to stave off even stupid deaths if I'm playing the right character. After that the game seems pretty much over since there's nothing left to do but grow an already more than sufficient camp and just wait out the days to unlock a new character (side note, about how many days does it take to unlock the 4th character if you have the 3rd?). I would suggest exploring, but with the world as small as it is that doesn't take more than another week at most, if you haven't already done it on smaller ones. I feel like it should take a lot longer to reach that kind of stability, and I think there should be more incentive to do things once you are there, especially to explore. Maybe a ramping difficulty would help, I've been thinking that if either your hunger emptied faster every day, or food was simply less filling each day, I would need to constantly expand that stable camp and there would still be some kind of soft cap to how far I could get (and a challenge to try to get just a little farther). Edit: Actually 20 might be an overestimate, I probably reach full sustainability in the first week, I just spend the next 2 on solidifying it and ironing out all the major conveniences.
  3. Cooked monster meat is actually how I died in my very first game.