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  1. not sure if it would be possible, and i totally understand the reasoning behind deleting the save file if someone alt f4s the game to try and cheat death. but if its possible, could we PLEASE have a way to not lose our game if our computer shuts down in a non normal way or if the game or steam crashes? i just lost a good save file because the power went out, and then again as Soon as i got back to day 40ish, just getting kinda lame and making it hard to keep wanting to play at this point :/
  2. yeah i get the tedium thing, but it wasn't really that bad, i have just noticed a few things that were kinda fun and interesting that dont really happen anymore because of the reduced requirements, like the firepit thing. was kinda cool being close to death or just in trouble with a few different monsters attacking you just before nightfall with no wood on hand. having to kite monsters while making a pass at the firepit to keep it lit with scraps you scrape up while running dodging. now it only takes 2 logs for a full blaze so i just drop a log and fight for as long as i need. kinda reduced the thrill of that situation again this is just one small example and not so much a complaint as a request of others opinions on similar situations/changes
  3. also, is it only two logs now to get a full fire in the fire pit? throws me off as well :/
  4. just wondering how everyone feels about how cheap it is to make certain items now, chests are cheaper, gold weapons among other things. im not certain i like it though, its starting to make me worry about the difficulty of the game getting too easy, not saying that it HAS yet but just throwing it out there to see what everyone thinks
  5. hey again, was just hoping for the ability to maybe make stone walls? consider it what i want for christmas. i always end up with a crap ton of extra stone and i think it would probably be the best material for wall making, of course you could throw in wooden fences if you want to have multiple strengths (allowing monsters to wear them down so they arent over powered) but yeah maybe a nice way to make walls so we can block out baddies for awhile instead of having to make trees/burned trees/ chest tightly placed into walls. a door or gate for easy entry and exit would be nice instead of having to move something to get in and out. would just be so nice to have a small fence around my fire pit, so many times i find myself in a fight at night time and i have to kite whatever monsters i pissed off while trying to make a pass at the fire to add a log
  6. my god this game is awesome, i think day 40 has been my highest yet, but yeah werepigs! would be so cool if they would fight for YOU as were pigs, like maybe if you fed them and made an entourage just before the moon turned - - - Updated - - - my god this game is awesome, i think day 40 has been my highest yet, but yeah werepigs! would be so cool if they would fight for YOU as were pigs, like maybe if you fed them and made an entourage just before the moon turned
  7. hey does anyone know where i could find info on the latest update? i checked the announcements thread but none of them seem to have anything to do with the latest update, just want to know what all we got with this one. sorry for the scrub question, thanks guys!
  8. its just really lame to spend a day to travel to where the pig village is and get back to do some serious tree chopping and have the second tree spawn a tree shepherd and have them all get killed, have to wait a few days for more to respawn
  9. word, well it seems that the tree shepherd does aoe damage, even when i am the first to strike any pigmen nearby also takes damage. or at least it seems that way. if we were able to hold aggro we wouldn't really have to tank it entirely i mean you can still micro dodge and then come right back to swing on it some more. the thing is, i dont really like having too many pigmen around they are too much of a hastle, more than anything they get in the way of picking items up which can get very irritating after chopping down an entire forest, and you have to feed them ALL at least once every day or so if you want them near you so its not too much fun having them in such large numbers at the very least i would like a command option to either have them stand still (to be able to have them not join specific fights without just sending them home) or be non aggressive when i need to solo something to keep them from all dying
  10. very frustrating to get a group of pigmen to chop down a forest only to have them all die because 1 tree monster spawns. it wouldn't be so bad if the tree monster could be aggroed by player allowing us to sort of tank it instead of everything getting damaged, or at the very least let us arm our pig men with tree armor and spears so they do die in two hits from a single mob or from 100 spiders that we cant kill fast enough in order to save them. pretty please?
  11. i have tried luring them into regular and bird traps, killing them with pig men and getting close enough with spears, no go for any method, does anyone know if they can be killed?
  12. was heading out to gather manure and i found like 5 beefalos around a corpse of some kind, there was one monster meat near its body. i have never seen it before it almost looked like a bear? it was face down so i couldn't see much but a bear is the only thing i can explain it as or maybe a hairy pig man since it was about the same size. perhaps the monster that gets you when it gets too dark? any ideas i am very curious
  13. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title frozen pig men? Steps to reproduce unsure? maybe chop trees down with pig men, while the sun is about to come up, add a spider attack if possible. havn't had this happen before even with all these things happening Describe your issue was chopping trees down at night with 6 pig men and spiders attacked, after fighting away about 8 spiders the sun came out ( we were close enough to my camp fire that the pigs didn't freak out) and after the sun came out and i cleared a few of my trees away i noticed that 3 of the pig men were just standing still? they arent moving at all, not helping chop down trees even though they are saying their normal "smash mean tree" type stuff, i can still give them food but im trying not to to see if they will run home and fix the problem
  14. i was thinking mostly about bows and arrows? maybe bend some twigs over the fire to make the bow and add woven silk from spiders or fine or refined rope recipe. possibly twigs and flint or stone for crappy arrows, with added bonus or just a better arrow if you craft it with a feather from trapped birds in addition to shaft and arrow heads? other than that the only thing i could want is to be able to throw the spear, could make us have to pick it back up even after we throw it. would be nice to not have to rely entirely on bird traps to catch em. as well as a safer method to kite combat rather than tanking mistakes with wood vest. great game though ! cant wait to watch it grow over time, thanks for reading -viconaut