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  1. I was carrying some meat I cooked in my crock pot and they seemed to be tracking me down repeatedly until I ate it
  2. My favorite base camp I set up was in a dried grassy area that was almost completely overlapped by 4 other biomes. It was just big enough for my campfire and a few other items. Felt like a tan shag carpet just for me I played that world twice
  3. I guess I am lucky. I have spawned a dozen worlds so far and haven't found a bridge yet. Most of what I have seen have been overlapping circle biomes. Of course, I haven't made it past 20 days yet either. I have had a smaller grass biome spawn in the center of a larger Forest biome almost concentrically, kinda cool. And, there are always smaller (almost 90% overlapped) biomes in there too.
  4. Yep, just noticed after restarting that it hurt me when eating it. Bummer -1 for inattention
  5. I was at about 50% hunger and 30% health at night with a (slot) full storage box open in UI. I ate some cooked monster meat from my inventory and Instantly died at 15 days Possible bug otherwise I guess.