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  1. While I have not calculated the exact % I think this should be pretty acurate as for me too Carrot and Corn were by far the most common and Dragon Fruits and Durians the by far least common. Also 500 observations seems quiet enough to get a solid propability distribution.
  2. What do you do?

    Well basically farming Items that have liitle or no use today for future updates and trying to improve my fighting skills.
  3. The Hounds always arive hungry it seems if there is meat on the ground the will beeline to it. So placing 5 pieces of meat gives you some breathing space and every time you kill one a new piece of (monster)meat is added. I don't if the number of attacking hounds will increase unlimited but I was able to deal with 8 of them till now.
  4. Nov 30 Hotfix

    sorry for my bad english -) tools lasting longer is good but needing less material is bad as it should take some effort to make things. -) 20 cycles for grass from fertilizing is way to long half it to 10 -) higher respawn time for pigs is excellent -) the new randomness of drops from pigs should be extended to all drops and collection activities (trees, grass, bushes, monsters, etc.) ex: you kill 4 bunnies and can get everything from 0 - 8 pieces of meat from this and so force you to plan ahead more
  5. Resouces

    Flint and stone will be depleted first, in the long run, grass and berry bushes might be burned away eventually by the firedogs and in the very long run the stick bushes may face the same fate, als larger animals like tall birds or beefalos won´t respawn at the moment. So yeah in the end the world will be quiet empty.
  6. In the long run I really hope we see differnt tiers for differnt technlogical levels like wood --> copper --> iron --> steel --> ??? for weapons, tools and armor because we will need them against the armies of insanely powerfull monsters we are going to face. backpacks also need small, medium, large size.
  7. I´m at day 125 and just got attacked by 6 of them. There number grows with time so patience Sooner or later they are going to kill you if you are not inside your fortified bunker.
  8. I´d like them to be useable for garbargedu... arrh research
  9. [Crash] Game freezes and don't crash

    Have the exact same problem. Anything new?
  10. No Pig King?

    Thx for the answers. I decided to keep playing as an additional challenge. Turned out that their is another island which has two additional pigvillages one of which has a pigking
  11. Greetings from Austria. Love the game sofar. On my second World, which I really like as it has no "bridges" so far I found a small settlement of 4 Pigs and 1 that lives alone. Yet there seems to be no Pig-King in the area where those are found. Is there only a possiblity of a Pig King beeing created in new world or is (should) there always be one? Does it depend on the number of pigs that live a village / area? My last world had one big village of 8 or so pigs and a King. Thx for your help. Kellnaved