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  1. What an interesting concept if I had my way id say for the multiplayer aspect there should be max of 2 and eachone should spawn on oposite sodes of the world. The player who survives longest is the winner.
  2. Thank god they ARE GETTTING rid of the tree wall thing. The idea of barricades is very appealing. Just a tip for everyone. Willow at night + wall of trees is not a good combo...
  3. Has anyone else had a 4 way croosroad bridge.?
  4. Those are hounds. My advice to you is if you cant find a village Soon enough try your hardest to make a spear. With a spear their not that bad I took maybe 2 hits total and try to get log suit it's a life saver
  5. Why not instead of stackables make the soup bowls have a durability. Like now there is only 80% of the soup left in the bowl or something like that. It would remove the need for stackables and make crock-pot something people would actually be interested in investing in:)
  6. well poop... It almost worked. I unlocked windy but i failed to accuaire the mustache man. im about 1 micromilimeter away...
  7. Thanks man that helps a lot I wasn't sure weather or not I should kill my self but now the answer is clear.
  8. First time I experienced one was my first time going into a pig village, after watching Etho's letsplay I figured it would be safe... 10 seconds later you would find my sprinting for my life and watching them catch up to me. I managed to break away from all but one and somehow managed to take him down with a torch. Thats why im never going back to that village.
  9. Hey all this is my first post on the forums , I wanted to ask if anyone knows exactly or roughly how many days I need to survive to unlock each character. I'm currently on my second attempt playing as willow and I've survived to day 50 so far and I want to know how many more days i must go to unlock the next character after willow and any/all characters beyond that. Anyone know?