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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Stackable items lose quantity when droped with RMB Steps to reproduce 1. Have a full inventory. 2. Pick up a stack of items off the ground with a quantity of at least 3. The item must have the default action of "Drop" instead of something like "Plant" (for example, pick up a stack of 5 logs). 3. Since your inventory is full, the stack will become the selected item. Instead of finding a place in your inventory to swap out, just right-click. 4. Notice there are now only two instances of the item on the ground. The rest of the stack is lost. Describe your issue In a more general case, this occurs anytime you have a full inventory and a selected stack of items. Right-clicking with the stack of items (assuming their default action is "Drop") will cause you to lose the stack, This may be the root cause of an existing bug: Item Stacks resetting upon gaining more items