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  1. Hey thanks a lot for the fix, it works wonders. This is a great game and I'm happy to see activity on the forums like this. Cheers.
  2. Greetings, I'm a QA tester myself and I'm pretty confident I've come across a bug. It's pretty major seeing as it causes a progression blocker but it's not common by any stretch. Still, it's one of those that just annoys you to encounter. I figured I'd write up a report for you guys and if you still have any QA/Devs working on the title you might be able to throw it in a DB or test it against your latest version/cl. If needed, I'd be glad to privately send a DxDiag/Screenshots/Video to a Dev/Forum Admin. ------ Title: [PC Controls] - Ink and Dreams - The user will encounter a progression blocker during the Assassination Tutorial if they have drivers installed for a "Razer Nostromo". Platform: PC, Steam. Controls: Keyboard, mouse. Results: With the latest "Razer Nostromo" drivers installed, the user encounters an unavoidable progression blocker when they reach the Assasination Tutorial. The title will display a button callout for the X360 controller in which the user must direct the analog to the left while pressing X. At this point, the user cannot proceed past the tutorial as the title will not respond to the equivalent PC Keyboard controls. Expected: The title will respond to the equivalent PC controls for the tutorial and allow the user to progress / The title will display the PC control button callout during this tutorial. Note 1: It is worth noting that having this driver installed also causes the title to display x360 burron callouts throughout the game. Note 2: This was tested after removing/closing the Nostromo Drivers from the Systray but the issue still occured. Seemingly, the only solution was to uninstall the drivers. Note 3: The Razer Nostromo device does not need to be plugged in for this issue to occur. Driver URL: http://www.razersupport.com/index.php?_m=downloads&_a=viewdownload&downloaditemid=593