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  1. Tried my best to get you another key... And I have to say... chunkkit I've got one for you! I will send you a PM. (just feels so good making people happy in Christmas time )
  2. Well chunkkit... It seems like you really want this game?! Im trying my best to get another one Will send you a PM as Soon as I got it.
  3. Okay times over! Altough there are'nt many participants, I drew a winner on Random.org. Since the first comment from "Dandytard" was a "off-topic" comment I numbered the comments from 1 to 4 beginning of Dandytard's second comment. So it would be like 1=Dandytard, 2=ToasterFU, 3=chunkkit and 4=themastadon85. So I typed in min = 1 and max = 4 on Random.org and the winner is..... *Drumroll* Number 2, that means ToasterFU. So I hope you'll enjoy the game. Will send you a PM. Greetz Zimplizity PS: If I've done anything wrong tell me PSS: (Kinda) "Proof":
  4. Of course you could do that Just want to offer this for those who don't wanna make a Facebook-Account . Maybe there are people out there who think like that, and I totally donot need the game twice. I really just want to make one of you happy (hopefully I can)
  5. Hey all, As many of you already noticed, I think, THQ is giving away free Metro2033 Keys on Facebook . Since I already own this game I thought of giving it away for free for those who don't have a Facebook account (You guys take care of your data *thumbs up*). So tomorrow, to be more accurate: in 24 hours (after I posted this), I'll randomly pick one of those who wrote a comment below. Just be creative, and tell us what your favorite game, genre is, how many times you died in Don't Starve, what games you own or just why you like Cookies... Like I already said: Be creative Good Luck and Greetz Zimplizity
  6. Could offer you Titan Quest and 4 DotA 2 Beta Keys
  7. Tell me if you are interested in Titan Quest Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198017263549
  8. Hey all, So I think you all read the title. Explains everything. Got a Titan Quest Steam Key and would be very happy if someone wants to trade his Don't Starve Copy with it. Greetz Zimplizity
  9. Since I missed to trade with Waytoopro because i wasn't available, I still have the 4 DotA 2 Beta Keys and im still willing to exchange those with 1 Dont Starve Key. PS: Now I will be (for real! ) online for the next two hours!
  10. The deal is still up PS: Schtauffen already traded with someone else... So anyone else want those 4 keys!? Edit: Here's something like a (you can call it a..) "proof" that i really own those keys: Greetz Zimplizity
  11. Hey all, I've got 4 extra DotA 2 Beta Keys at Steam. So if anyone has 1 or 2 spare "Don't Starve" games (-keys (?)) and wants to exchange it with the 4 keys feel free to tell me . (Exchange over Steam.) Greetz Zimplizity