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  1. Hello everyone ! THANK you very much for this update ! It fixed the microstuttering I was seeing ! Thanks again !!! I can finally fully enjoy the game ! Smooth as Smooth can be. (my related "closed" thread : )
  2. Hi again ! I've really been enjoying the game ! Great job I'm getting used to the "stutter" I guess ... Still there. It doesn't matter if the screen is empty, or full with trees. I play games at 30fps (Dark Souls, From Dust) without any problems (I'm not a 60fps only type of guy). I tried windowed mode without success. I also played around with the SWAP file on my SSD just in case. Oh well I'll keep updating this thread if I find anything new. (PS : love those buffalos ! just made myself a hat )
  3. [Graphics] Lighting/fog bug

    Hey there ! I've experienced the same issue today. Sometimes, rotating the camera removed the fog. Returning the camera to it's normal position made the "super fog" return. The screen gradually becaming filled with that "thick fog"
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title MicroStuttering - Stable framerate Steps to reproduce MicroStuttering - Stable framerate Describe your issue Hello everyone ! I just started playing Don't Starve 3 days ago and I waited for the new patch before posting anything. I have "microstuttering" even though my FPS is always at 30fps according to FRAPS. I've tried every AMD Catalyst "trick" I know, changed the Vsync options and so on. I use MSI afterburner and other to try and force "a better?" Vsync but without success. The picture is "perfect" when I don't move. But if I start moving, I get the feeling the screen is "shaking" (just a little bit) every now and then (like 1-2s stutter every 5-10s). FRAPS says my FPS stays stable at 30 FPS. This stutter is really "discrete". Oh, I deactivated my AntiVirus and so on. Tried Priority and Affinity. I have the same problem with "Diablo 3" (ugh ... ) but "solved" it with MSI afterburner and so on in order to force a "good" Vysnc. My Specs : ATI 5850 with AMD Catalyst 12.10 I5 750@3.0Ghz ASUS P7P55D 4Gb DDR3 - G.Skill ECO SSD OCZ-Vertex (SATA II) with Windows 7 64bits (clean install (2months) with the "newest" drivers available) I have the same issue on my HDD install of Windows with AMD Catalyst 12.4. Don't hesitate to ask me more information !