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  1. Thanks guys I didn't know that. I haven't made 1 in a long time
  2. My character's hp is "stuck" at 80. No matter how much he eats he stays at 80. Is this a game feature or a bug? If it ein't one how to fix it? I mean game didn't give me any indication why it happened...
  3. How interesting nest that bird has
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 70828 Issue title FLoating Mandrakes Steps to reproduce After I tried to pick them up, 2nd night after I took them to my base. My character just rounds around trying to pick them up but can't Describe your issue
  5. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Performance] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Micro Stutter , while playing the game Steps to reproduce Play the game up to 2nd day Describe your issue Hi. When I stared a new world yesterday my game was running flawlessly. But when the night ended and second day started, from there on I am having stutters every 5 seconds or so. Does anyone have any idea why might this be happening?
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Performance] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Micro Stutter ; when building turbo farm plots Steps to reproduce Build more than 3 turbo farm plots, next to eachother Describe your issue My game runs smoothly until I make 3 turbo farm plots. I can make any number of lover tear farms and it won't stutter. It stutters every 6 seconds or so...
  7. guess what this is?

    This is Art
  8. A turkey at my mandrake

    Yea I am not doing that anymore, since it's flesh fall into the water. Making all hounds, spiders desperately trying to get it.. Making the game pretty easy Hoping that devs make them meat slide to the shore in next patch
  9. Can anyone find this problem in bugs section? I can't :/ probably blind
  10. A turkey at my mandrake

    Yea I had 3 lying in my farms. Than Turkey came... so much anger in me >.> PS:" How can I catch Turkeys ? , I tried bot kind of traps, with berries/seeds and they all pass right through them ... and I cant get any crow feathers for dem darts no matter how hard I try." PS:" I laso think that using dart 1 time is kinda dumb.. since I have lot's of bee stingers why can't I reuse it?"
  11. My 1st encounter with Krampus Too easy... not a scratch...
  12. Buttery Butterflies

    I wonder if 1 corn + butter + filler make popcorn?
  13. My game was working perfectly until this update... I am getting annoying micro stutter. Even when I turn off bloom... I would prefer if you kept it retro looking and low on resources, than this...
  14. time zone question

    same here, though it Noon where devs are, so we'll have to wait lots more nothing's done in noon