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  1. i have to say it not big patch. In beta updates were bigger
  3. "Secret backstory" things are getting more and more interestingBtw. models of balloons were in files long time ago, have you think about all character in that way before?
  4. Being useless is his "perk"
  5. Guardian pigs are show sometimes in sandbox as part of set piece
  6. We're Live!

    This picture is amaznig, What shall we find in deeps of this world?
  7. Surprise! Weekend Edition

    Nothing better than walking with 30 sanity with torch durnig night When you will add falling from sky
  8. I know that exploration is important for this game but like i said before there is no point in walking 20 day searching for something when you are fully prepared and you cant die unless anything take down you by suprise Another option they may make more things to find in world
  9. So i played the adventure and i have to say it really good and challenging.But looking for teleport things on the big map is really boring.For exmaple: I went to the first world and had problem only through 10 ~ 15 days. After this time i had enough to survive changing weather and winter. I spend over 40 day to complet my teleporter Which was only boring walking throught the giant map.Ideas:1) teleport thing will spawn only near the roads2) Something that you can craft to speed up searching3) Some marks/signs in world wchich they may suggest where are teleport thing I would like to know about yours opinion and also did the developers have something similar in thier plans?
  10. I like this new thing from spider. Heal only by around 10-15 hp but It good to keep in good condition health in new world.alsoI am looking foward to see poster of this patch
  11. i may be wrong but it seems this patch reset my saves ---Edit---
  12. Just want to check..

    Don't starve on youtube is best advertising