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  1. Though the above fix did work for me, now my game is EXTREMELY laggy, almost as if the game is running in slow-motion. When I install the glcrash beta as many have suggested, the game again simply won't open. I've now spent over 6 hours trying to get the game to properly run, and quite frankly I'm pissed.
  2. If these fixes aren't working, try re-installing Steam. I spent hours fiddling around with updated driver software, using the beta code and such. But simply re-installing steam (by recommendation of the link below) somehow managed to do the trick! Please spread this so others can finally play the game! Edit: By re-installing, I mean go to the control panel and uninstall Steam (Make sure you back up your files, I'm not sure if it deletes them). Then go to the steam site to re-download it.!&p=16267
  3. Dude, THIS WORKED!!! I've been trying for hours trying to get this game to work, reinstalling graphics software and using the beta tester. But, simply reinstalling steam somehow fixed the issue, and the file finally opened! Thanks so much!