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  1. Camera Focus Woes

    OK, so an update for my situation in case anyone else ever has the same trouble. It seems that the problem was being caused somehow by other USB devices I had plugged in (flight stick, throttle, racing wheel & pedals). First I unplugged everything including my gamepad so my mouse would function properly. Then I tried it with only the gamepad added and now everything works fine. Camera pans and zooms and follows the action as intended. I suspect that more than likely it was the flight stick specifically. Incidentally, after playing the game a bit with k/b & mouse I have to say that the ability to throw darts and shurikens to precise spots anywhere on the map with the mouse pointer is awesome. If only the controller gave you that ability this game's control interface would be flawless, IMO.
  2. Camera Focus Woes

    Hello folks, Started playing this excellent game today after buying it off Steam. Problem I'm having is that the game camera doesn't stay focused on the action as I ascend or descend through a level, with the end result being that my character gets completely out of view with regularity. The only way to see what you're doing is to manually pan the camera. This began within minutes of starting the game, during the walk-through tutorial. This obviously makes pressing a button with your right thumb pretty difficult since you have to hold the right analogue stick in the direction you're trying to see. I doubt this is intentional by design, so can anyone help me with potential solutions? Otherwise I wont be able to play like this. I've tried with the k/b and mouse but I'm having issues there as well (can't even pan the camera at all, mouse buttons seem inoperable, can't remap them), and I also tried several different resolutions to see if that would help, but no joy. Relevant details: Windows 7 64 SP1 (latest updates), Game fully updated as of Nov-23, Nvidia Geforce 9600GT 1Gb (306.xx - latest drivers), Logitech Dual Action USB controller (PS2 style), 1920x1080p native resolution Viewsonic monitor. The Logitech Dual Action was recognized without problem and plays fine, the game also runs perfectly, with the only issue the one stated above. I've searched the forum, but found only that some people had a similar problem that was evidently caused by a debug function left in by the devs to manipulate the camera using the keypad, and that this was apparently solved after an update. I hope I can get some help with this cuz I wanna get back to playing this ASAP.