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  1. Hey, thanks for the criticism. You're completely right, I don't think his weakness of only eating meat makes up for his ability to kill things faster either. I made a change so that raw meats sate his hunger more than normally, but makes it so only cooked foods can restore his health as a result. I think it sounds like a nice trade-off and means he's encouraged to heal up and ready himself for more hunting at the end of the day, especially since monster meat won't hurt him and he'll as a result be more combat-orientated. Thanks again!
  2. Hullo, I really like some of your suggestions. I decided to add the idea about the pigmen being hostile towards him when he gets a certain distance. I'm not sure how much creating an infestation would work, though. He's not designed to be a 'minion master', shall we say. He's more or less intended to be a powerful stand-alone character who is designed to sustain himself as he hunts and able to kill things faster by setting himself on fire to make up for the fact he's avoided by them and can't get assistance from pigmen. I added the method of revival because, not only did it make sense, but it punished you for reviving because you're forced to change your playstyle and recreate/relocate your encampment as a result. I considered making 'brains' a rare drop for him, alongside the option of eating corpses and making it so his hunger doesn't deplete for a while after getting it full. The problem with all of them was it would make it too easy for him to stockpile food and would encourage him to set up a place and get a lot of brains or be able to save up food because he'd just be able to eat corpses or enjoy his grace period of his hunger not depleting. I designed him with a hunting-based aesthetic in mind, as a character who is forced to explore the world and near-constantly kill other creatures as a mans of survival, just as you'd expect a zombie to. Your ideas certainly hold water, but I don't think they fit this particular design of a zombie!
  3. I'm fairly certain they appear completely random based on how many trees you cut down without planting pinecones to replace them. With a little bit of luck and a blatant disregard for the local fauna, the Treant will eventually appear to thwart your attempts at deforestation. Problem with them appearing more often is that they're a very powerful enemy, almost a boss-fight in fact, who are very hard to kill and will chase you for a while and make gathering further materials difficult due to how far they will really chase you. They're indeed very interesting foes, but the methods of countering them appearing make sense and I wouldn't want to see more simply because of how difficult they are.
  4. Patch looks brilliant, the makeshift unconventional weaponry really fits the setting of the game! Looking forwards to playing with the changes and experimenting with what I can do with them!
  5. I'm fairly certain that a Tallbird dies permanently as it is now. They might patch them to respawn at a later date, as they're doing with tentacles to prevent them from going extinct in any given game.
  6. Hullo, while I was playing I bounced around the idea of a vegetarian character in my head. That lead to me considering what the exact opposite character would be like, and I eventually came up with the idea of a gentleman and scholar who just so happens to be among the walking dead. Funny how things go, huh? Here's the concept art I drew of him: Onto the /meat/ of the concept, then. WINCHESTER THE SHAMBLER Backstory Abilities Personality But yeah, to close it all off, I'll be really surprised if people end up reading all of that. It became way longer than I originally intended! I just felt that he'd fit the setting and dark humour of the game very well. We have what we can interpret as a madman scientist, a pyromaniac and a young girl who for all we know could have murdered her twin sister. Why not a zombie? Makes about as much sense as everything else (which is the way I like it). So yeah, any opinions would be appreciated, I'd love to be able to play as something of a similar vein! EDIT: Added some features to him to make him stronger, and more of a 'risk-reward' character, while his human form becomes a 'no risk-no reward' variation. He's supposed to be a character with trade-offs that make him interesting to play, and is supposed to lose those trade-offs upon dying. Thanks for all the critique! I understand his name doesn't start with a 'W' either. Sorry, I didn't seem to notice that pattern in the game... herp. I've had all instances of his old name replaced with a classier, more fitting one.
  7. So, for one thing, I love this game. It's in early Alpha and I think it's near-perfect. But, one thing I've noticed is that Tallbird eggs seem pretty rigged in terms of power and use. They restore a lot of hunger, equal to about 2-3 cooked meats, are eaten very quickly and heal a lot of health meaning you can pretty easily use them to step out of combat for a moment then dive back in once healed and they give a LOT of research points. Like, an insane amount that allows you to reasonably easily get a large sum. I understand this can be made up for by the fact the actual Tallbirds go after you upon you taking their eggs, no matter where they are in relation to you or their nest. But I've always managed to escape them very easily even while right next to them, because of the way they shuffle their foot threateningly. It becomes extremely beneficial to keep them alive and set up shop close to them, and you're never punished because they simply can't catch you. I've been able to get together about 12 of the eggs in a day under certain circumstances depending on how lucky I am with Tallbird placement. My second game I had about 4 of them in close proximity around the place I happened to set up shop, and from then on health and hunger never really became a problem. I understand that a 'high risk high reward' thing was attempted here. You get a powerful item in exchange for having to escape or fight off a strong enemy. But there doesn't seem to be any real risk, because you can easily just run from them and they only seem to give up in a matter of seconds, allowing you to rather easily take their eggs again because they've forgotten about you completely. It's more of a 'no risk insane reward' system here. My suggestion is to either nerf the eggs significantly or rework them completely. Maybe have a chance of the egg containing an actual young tallbird, and when you try to cook/eat it a much faster baby tallbird comes out and forces a fight? 'Sure, you've got something good, but it has a chance to backfire on you' might balance out the item's power. Either way, I definitely think the amount of Research it gives should be nerfed. An alternative is to make them harder to obtain by making Tallbirds more imposing or hostile. I like that they leave you alone as long as you do the same to them. But because of, in the wild, how mothers are when their eggs are messed with, I think it'd make more sense for them to be much more horrifying when you try and take their kids. You know how their eye goes red and strained when they attack you? It might be good to have them go 'berserk' when you take their eggs, making them faster, hit harder and not give up on chasing you down as much as they normally would. So it creates more of a risk, and has the player make a decision. "I know that if I take this egg, I'll be getting a strong item, but is it worth the damage I could take in getting it? Could the Tallbird kill me with what I have now? How much will it benefit me if I'm forced to kill it and can't get eggs from it when I'm more equipped for it?" Just some feedback. This is my only real gripe with the game, and I feel that something so powerful shouldn't be farmed so easily. Great work on the game, I really look forwards to seeing where it goes from here.