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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Sombugs and some questions for the game developers Steps to reproduce I. Disappearing water 1) Step close to the side of an island - no water, only dark space II. Spider nests 1) Put spider nest near the water 2) Spiders appear in the waves, and spread all over the sea xD III. Objects closing one another and become lagging one over another 1)Put one tree close to another 2) Wait it to grow 3) Watch the results IV. Disappearing food (if smbd else haven't mentioned) V. Describe your issue Hi there! I've been playing for several days... The game is cool... But there lot's of bugs... I'd like to tell you about all of them, but I think it will be more productive if you contact me via Skype... If 24/7 up there... Cuz it will be much easier for me to tell you any new information I found and will... I've now on 125 day of surviving... And the main thing - I HAVE NOTHING to do at all... Nothing to kill (everything already in my treasure boxes)... Everything is planted... Everything is invented... The gameplay became boring... In which way are you going to solve this problem in future? Will there be any quests? Any events (like huge waves or tornadoes) or massive monster attacks... I hope you will make something interesting to make the gameplay in the end full of battles... Because, IMHO, everybody will loose interest to the project much later if the game will be still challenging no matter 1 Day or Day 150... P.S. Almost forgot... I just wanted to ask how long the game actually is? And will there be any videos (like in the end of the game or in the beginning) to explain the plot of the game for the player?