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  1. Head on over to My Twitch Channel to watch me play Don't Starve live! If I get a good turnout this may become a regular thing. I might pull a Don't Starve All-Nighter, so buckle your seatbelts and enjoy!
  2. Thanks a bunch and no, I am not UberHaxorNova :/
  3. Hey I'm a Don't Starve and Minecraft player who will be making a point of streaming on Twitch when I can. I'm decent at Don't Starve and very advanced at Minecraft, so you won't be seeing too many noob mistakes from me. At the timie of writing I am streaming, and I will stream a lot on weekends especially. Take a look!YoutubeTwitch
  4. Though I may be wrong, I don't believe there is currently a way to build yourself a shelter, and while there may or may not be other posts concerning this, I think it is important enough an issue that it needs to be discussed. We know shelters are not unknown, as the Pigs have them. So, with the amount of wood being gathered and a solid example, the character should have the capability to build himself a home, especially considering he can build pigs' homes. I just don't think it makes much sense for Wilson to be sleeping on a straw mat or waiting through the night by a campfire when he has proven he has the capability to build a shelter (this goes for all characters). A shelter would not be game breaking as it would essentially just be the exact same thing as a fire, only there would be no chance of it burning out. Also, player could sleep in their house or leave with a torch for some nighttime exploring. Also, on the topic of sleeping and sheltering, I don't think it makes much sense for sleeping on a straw mat to be safe. You should have to set up next to a fire (or in your home), as it doesn't make sense for nothing to attack you when you're in the dark and totally vulnerable. (P.S. Thought I should mention that when I say "shelter" I mean a house. Should have thought that through.)
  5. I SEARCHED "ranged" to see if anyone had suggested this. If nobody had I planned on it, so obviously this has my full support. I think it could be simplified though, like maybe not have so many ranged weapons? I only say this because there's really only one weapon so far, so I think it would kind of be overkill to add four ranged ones. What if there was just a bow that required 500 research points and then used up twigs, silk, and rope? This would make more sense because only one ranged weapon would mean everyone would want it, but it wouldn't be OP because it's such a pain to get arrows.
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Chrome Version Number 69338 Issue title Description Error Steps to reproduce Gathering Honey Describe your issue This isn't really a bug, but you may want to know that Honey's description is wrong. It says "RMB Ea". You need to add a "T". Thought I'd just help you out, I know you guys are working out the kinks. Also, I plan on buying the game very, very Soon.