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  1. Day of the Tentacle, that was fun game. You make me nostalgic. :_|
  2. I propose that blueprints might give a discount on such prototypes I think its quite a good idea to require some unique items to prototype something, but not all items, only the more advance one.
  3. I know there will be some revamping of the technology system. Maybe the new system could involve blueprints. Blueprints are rare hidden items the player can find while he explore the world. They either reduce the cost of research and prototype or are prerequisite to research technology. They could be rewarded after killing unique mobs, succeeding in treasures hunts or digging graves.
  4. It would be nice to have hidden maps and hint that lead to treasures ( lots of gold, rare items, blueprints, etc). Some hunt would involve long chains of hints and map before finding the actual treasure. Sometimes hints and tresures would be guarded by special mob... It would incite the players to go on expeditions an would increase the usefulness of the shovel.
  5. A boat of some kind would be cool. You could begin with a raft and build better boats over time. Most advanced boat could act as little mobile base where you could sleep and store food and other items. It would be cool to explore sea, make maps, and find new island. And you could sometime meet sea monsters and risk being lost in fog or meet a storm. If your ship sunk while on board, you would have chances swimming to a nearby island. If you survive the shipwreck, you would be on a new unexplored island and whitout items and resources. Of course, there would be a good potential for fishing and placing crab cages. If seasons are implemented, fishing could be a lifesaving food source during winter.
  6. If it does not violate George R. R. Martin copyright, the warning for winter could be The character says : "Winter is coming".
  7. Or maybe buffalo should reproduce rapidly when their group becomes to small. And the should defend themselves by charging their enemies.
  8. I vote yea for the seasons and for extreme weather. I would force players to change his survival strategies, forcing them to stockpile food and avoiding a to become reliant on a unique survival strategy ( example, camping near a cluster of rabbit holes, trapping them as if there was no tomorrow and living of morsel for the remaining of the game ).
  9. It would be fun and challenging if there was no maps a the beginning of the game and you had to draw them on leather or on papyrus. For example. I decide to explore a new island, so I craft a new blank map. I walk to this island, I use the blank map, name it Willownia, and then the map build itself as I explore the island. I also have a "world map" where I can see all islands and the name I given them. When my character dies because he camped a little to near a cluster of spider nest and had no grass to make a torch ( sad memory here), the maps stay on his body and the next character to live in the world could try to retrieve the maps from his dead owner, if the dead owner does not rise from the deads and defends his mortal possession, but that is another thread...
  10. Yeah I know, I made an error in the title sweet not sweat ( english is not my native language ).
  11. I think using chess as walls is also gamey and should be avoided. Dev could impose minimum distance between chess and other blocking items. My argument : chess are not intended to be walls. Its nether realistic nor good for the gameplay.
  12. I would like to see more camp development. First make the fireplace an upgradable building firecamp -> firepit -> firepit whit cooking pot When your fireplace become permanent with firepit, you should be able to transform the place around the firepit. This way you would designate a small area around your fire as your place. You could build some fence around the radius to keep the wild animals outside. May you could also perform rituals to ward the camp against ghosts and demons. Inside you could build stockpiles and crafting stations, drying poles for fish and tanning station for fur. Of course no camps can endure eternally and is an absolute safe haven. If left unmaintained for several seasons, it should fall into disrepair and you would need to repair it before it become usable again.
  13. I wonder if it has occurred to people that using tree and other blocking items to build fortress is a little gamey. I doubt it was intended that people could wall-in using these items. There should be a minimum distance around trees where other trees can live. A simple solution is to induce a small area around the tree that poison the other trees (it exist in nature). I am not against building wall and fences, but they should be built with items intended to block. Of course the should be different quality of wall/fence and they should require some maintenance over time. They should also be destructible by some monsters. I also think they should cost a great deal of resources and time to build, after all, building a safe haven is a major accomplishment in a survival situation.
  14. I think mutual exclusive choices should be based on general survival strategy Here a suggestion choice player should do as their character evolve. Magical versus technology Magical strategy allow players to use spells, ritual, wards and other supernatural means to protect himself and find food. Technology strategy The player push for rational and practical means of survival by researching science in the wild and inventing devices. Ecobalance versus fast exploitation Ecobalance stategy The player want to live in harmony with nature and work to protect the ecological balance of the islands where he lives. By doing so, he may gain useful allies in nature. However, he need to be extra careful to not upset the nature fragile balance. Cutting a tree without planting another or placing traps that harms animal may be costly for a nature dependant player. Exploitation The player exploit the environment extensively and don't care about hippies stuff such as ecology. But the player should be aware that nature has ways to strike back. The next tree he cut may be the last one. Nomadism versus sedentism Nomadism you are constenly on the move and seldom sleep many day at the same place. When needed you can pack your things and move to the next island in search of food and resources. When winter is coming, you travel to warmer places and return at spring to avoid the burning sun of summer. sedentism You build permanent structure at your camp and seldom sleep outside it. When winter comes, you have your hut to avoid freezing and when sprince comes, you can begin to plow and havest you fields. Sometime you need to wander outsite the safety of your camp to gathers ressources, but you always return at home. I also think that no choice should be permanent and that player should be able to shift strategy ( at some cost in ressources and time )