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  1. That is true Am I the only one who finds dying an actual fun part of the game? I hate making comparisons to other games, but say something like "Super Meat Boy"... It's IMPOSSIBLE to play that game through entirely without dying hundreds of times over, but the dying is fun, challenging, and eventually you've played a level so much, you get very good at it, learn how to cope with the obstacles and overcome them, emerge triumphant at the end of the level with a grin on your face and a feeling of achievement!! Play the same level again after that, however, and you begin to get bored... so you go to the next level and suddenly you're in way over your head! EXPECT to die another hundred times on that level before you get it right. THIS is what I love about Don't Starve. It's that "One more try! This time i'll get it!" element that keeps me coming back for more. In other words, the feeling of accomplishment you get when you achieve something difficult is MUCH GREATER than when you achieve something easy.
  2. Is anyone else curious about how Beefalo breeding is going to be integrated? (If it still is) I mean, what is going to be the method for "punishing/taming" the number of Beefalo you breed for food and fur? Already killing one Beefalo yields a fair amount of food at a relatively easy difficulty (if you can separate the unlucky fellow from his herd and kite well enough!) to last a couple of days. The only thing currently stopping me personally from farming them for food is that they don't respawn. So what are people's thoughts on how Beefalo breeding is going to work? Feeding the Beefalo a specific combination of items? Taming them? Rare drops from certain mobs that you have to give the Beefalo to make them breed? Or perhaps it happens naturally, with no 'Wilson' intervention. How long would it take for a new baby Beefalo to be born? Would the parents become very aggressive and protective until the baby grows up? Maybe there will be an "Alpha-male" Beefalo that brings the pain upon any unwitting adventurer who dares to harm any of his herd! I'm stumped for ideas, too late at night for me! But I would be very interested to hear everyone else's views on the situation The prospect both excites and scares me! ^_^
  3. For me, it's actually the Gobblers The fact that spiders, tallbirds, werepigs, angry beefalo or even fire hounds can all be easily enough disposed off with a swift slash of a spear makes them less scary and threatening to me than a destructive pacifist who is near impossible to catch up with and kill!
  4. Glorious! Thank you Kevin The grass is much better now! - - - Updated - - - Glorious! Thank you Kevin The grass is much better now!
  5. I can defeat a pack of 4 hounds in under 20 seconds with a logsuit on (that includes a fire hound in the pack) ending up with still above half health and over 50% of my logsuit left, and a red gem which is essentially a free life, so no they are not very dangerous! To me, the nerf was needed! Also, every time I am attacked by a pack of hounds, one of them seems to be a fire hound. I don't know whether this is just my luck (but I seem to be attacked by them quite frequently), which means I now have a healthy stack of 7 red gems. Feeding some meat to the pig king to gain the required gold, this essentially gives me an extra 7 free lives in a permadeath game. Yes, the nerf was needed.
  6. Seems to me like if you're going out tree chopping to have a healthy stack of pine cones on hand to soothe any angry Ents!!
  7. Oatek you are forgetting that there are different play styles for this game, personally I tend to avoid using pigs, after hearing all the horror stories about Werepigs. The logsuits for me are more for security than "Let's go kill stuff!", for example when I'm out exploring and I get jumped by a pack of angry hounds, when you are being chased by 4 of them at the same time (they are quite fast) the "hit and run" tactic is difficult to achieve, unlike with spiders. If you have a Berry Bush farm, it only takes one Gobbler to ruin that, speaking from experience. I agree that I prefer to use logs for fires than grass, but sometimes the night creeps up on you and I don't have time to gather logs to last the night so I use 4-8 grass to run me through the night. I have never used a Bedroll. I don't "turtle", I have various camps with firepits, crockpots and chests, but not replanted grass tufts or saplings, does this mean I should be punished for not having a "grass farm" set up? Because as it is, for grass, I now have to walk north to my grass tufts, and spend 1-2 full days wandering around fertilising the dead tufts, and another 1-2 days wandering around behind Beefalo waiting to hear the buzzing sound that tells me its done its business. So yes, I do have to constantly work to get resources, which is an integral part of the game, but I would like to have some time to be able to go and do other enjoyable and vital things also, digging up graves, mining quarries, killing birds, tentacles, shaving beefalo, gathering much needed food... I find that with the new grass nerf, I spend much more time collecting manure and fertilising grass than I do those other things. Maybe that's just me, but with my personal play style, that is what I find.
  8. To be honest I haven't encountered much of a problem with the Tallbirds, but that may be because I mostly tend to avoid them altogether. I've explored my entire world, and I have two small quarry islands each with 2 Tallbird nests. When I first encountered them and they because aggressive towards me, I simply thought they were monsters and killed them... Unknowing that some consider their eggs to be a valuable food source. Of course I collected the eggs from their nests, but still have them sitting in a chest in one of my camps somewhere. I've never had to use the eggs in any dire situation for food, so it seems to me like simply killing the birds if you are scared of them or don't want to deal with them anymore during your exploration is perfectly reasonable... Unlike beefalo where they are useful for food, fur AND the now-very-valuable manure, they are really only good for eggs, and the most recent patch has made them fill less hunger now anyway, if I recall correctly? You can survive perfectly well without any Tallbirds on the map, and you can survive equally as well avoiding them altogether. As for the early game, if you see a quarry area, maybe choose to tactically avoid it until you have a spear and a log suit?
  9. I agree with all of the nerfs apart from the one everyone seems to have the problem with, the grass. It seems to me like one pile of manure is much more expensive than one pile of cut grass. Although I haven't investigated if it works the same as berry bushes yet, where they only need fertilised once every few harvests, it still seems a little harsh. Grass is a staple at all stages in the game, from starting your first fire to crafting hats and log suits to keep yourself safe, and I go through a LOT of it, even though I don't have a designated "grass farm" next to my base camp like most players. Fertilising every tuft would take a very long time, and a lot of resources, perhaps we should find a middle ground indeed.
  10. Those Red Gems are terrifying to get...! Nothing scarier than being alone in the forest at night and suddenly hearing the growls of angry hounds creeping up on you...
  11. Yep, I have the same problem. And I turned off the volume before the patch to try and fix my slowmo problem so now I can't get the sound back on at all.
  12. Am I missing something or is the update not out on Steam yet? Or on Chrome either? xD I only have the steam version... I don't know I was kind of hoping this update would come with a patch for the Slowmo problem :') I haven't had the chance to play past Day 2 yet! EDIT: I didn't realise my timezone was different. FORGIVE ME! <3
  13. Still seems to be Intel that's having all the problems... I wish I could play!
  14. I checked, mine is the version and yes, my game runs extremely slowly. I tried turning sounds down, reducing all background activities etc, I assumed it was just lag, but nothing works. I really hope they find a fix for this... I don't want to have spent money on a game that I can't play, as much as I would like to, but it's just not fun for me on this slowmo version. Another thread I read said that it was possibly just laptops that were having this problem? I'm running on a laptop.