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  1. I just make them attack the Beefalo herd around my base. An army of pigs can't beat 20 beefalos.
  2. It saved me from a night time deerclops, and one in the day too. Since then however, they do a beeline straight for me even if I use it before they are on the screen. I'm not sure if Wilson popping back up to comment on the noises screws it up or not.
  3. Does that apply to all recipes involving sticks?
  4. I would like some way to combine items, or just flat out delete them. Like you, I find myself just throwing out a bunch of <10% logsuits and spears.
  5. Does anyone know if the first world in adventure mode has any difference from the normal sandbox in terms of terrain and resource generation?
  6. As someone who never came to the forums until recently, I have to say that the community here is becoming absolutely horrible. Telling someone to "stop whining" is not constructive at all. Grow up, get your head out of your ass, and realize that people have different opinions than yourself. Just because someone has a harder time with the game than you, and comes here to express their concerns, it does not mean they are "whining". It does not make them a "noob" who needs to "man up". It does not mean they are "crying", nor are they "cry babies". Instead of being pricks with the disrespectful comments, how about you try to offer advice? How about you try to be a decent human being, and help the person out? I'm so sick of seeing the communities of great games go to crap because of all the idiots who turn the entire thing into one big flame war. The same thing happened to Project Zomboid, until the devs decided to hand out permabans for people being complete pricks to new players. If things continue the way they have been in recent threads, then I hope Klei do something similar.
  7. I feel that the paths should be a little more noticeable. As of now, they can be a bit difficult to spot if you're not paying attention. That and they just look a little odd as they are right now.