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  1. We're Live!

    So we get to keep our beta saves and unlocked characters?
  2. Release Candidate!

    So, there's still a spoilage exploit I don't know if anyone's reported.1. Get a stack of partially spoiled items and another, fresher stack.2. Pick up the staler stack on the cursor.3. Hold Ctrl and click on the fresher stack repeatedly.4. The staler items are added to the fresher stack, without that stack losing freshness.
  3. April 9th Update: The End is Nigh!

    They look like performance optimizations - most likely you wouldn't notice anything other than the game running a bit smoother.
  4. SURPRISE! (Story preview test!)

    I can't get the console open even after setting ENABLECONSOLE = true. I restarted steam and the game...it's on the ~ key, right?
  5. So far what are your likes/dislikes?

    Very positive so far. The one complaint that comes to mind is ash disappearing. Is it supposed to do that? It vanishes so quick - and of course the Deerclops had to step on the chest I had my ash in :/
  6. I think what they said was, every game starts in sandbox mode, and it's up to you if you want to go in the portal and start adventure mode. Which means all that stuff was in sandbox. Dunno how that affects custom sandbox, though.
  7. alternative light sources ... what is the point.

    You can shave beefalo with a torch, too, you just pick the razor up and click on the beefalo.
  8. Regarding honey balance

    FYI, Kevin said they're aware honey is a health bottleneck and they're looking at adding a healing item from spiders.
  9. [PUZZLE] Update "A little rain must fall"

    I assume the chess thing relates to stories of people playing a game of chess against Death or the Devil for their lives or souls. Like this, or in The Seventh Seal.
  10. [PUZZLE] Update "A little rain must fall"

    If they're Maxwell's chess pieces, the red one could be a rook. I'd say knight but I think we saw them in the trailer.Anyway, I'm off to bed. Maybe it'll all make sense in the morning (probably not.)
  11. [PUZZLE] Update "A little rain must fall"

    Well, here's what I have. Some of it's probably wrong, but it's mostly come together - but what are they?
  12. Wow, that really changes my perspective. I wonder if part of the confusion comes from the fact that you currently can't make any traps or ranged weapons without monster drops? Bombs sound fun, but I feel like some kind of weak, low tech alternatives to melee might be necessary to get people out of the direct combat mindset.
  13. I agree it covers way too much of the clock. Just a smaller font size might be enough to fix it.
  14. Berry bushes with Winter update?

    So, is there anyone who has seen berry bushes in adventure mode? In worlds generated this version?