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  1. No Bees No Beef?

    I've found them ! But they are on the other side of the island (P.S> sorry for the slow reply i forget to come back to posts >///< bad)
  2. So like many others I saw some Let's Players play Don't Starve. I saw less then 10 minutes of game play and already rushed off to get it. I load my first world and was freaking out at how awesome it was. But I noticed something was a miss ... I saw No bees, no cows (Beefalo?), and not rocks (after a half a day of traveling in one direction I found them but it took a few lives and trips to get it:D). I've searched high and low and not once saw, heard, or even seen a trace of bees or cows. Should I just start a new world? (I've already just about memorized the map so i'm a bit bummed out, about what to do) or can some how make a new save? (Are there saves?)
  3. [Exploit] Alchemy Lab is not required

    you need it to get the research points though don't you?
  4. [Gameplay] Vanishing food?

    I just had the same problem only this time not with food.(also 1st time as Willow) I just made a Straw Roll, used it once, next day i do my daily routine, collect stuff (my 1 bunny trap included) and then come night it's gone.