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  1. Do you run all the time, or do you have to press a specific button? And I think an oldschool bike was a good idéa. When I said cart/car I thought about a steampunk type car, or maybe a cart like this (http://www.mediapeta.com/peta/Images/Main/Sections/blog/cart2.jpg), just dragged by pigs.
  2. After playing quite a bit, I found that traveling long distances is a pain, like really long, and especially when night comes and you'll have to make a temporarily camp/torch, and crossing lakes. I'm thinking of maybe a cart or a car or something that would travel twice as fast as you walk. It could perhaps run on fuel, or maybe a cart dragged by pigs, and you'd have to give them food or some kind of "fuel" for them to drag you around. I was also thinking about a boat. A rowing boat witch you could maybe row as fast as you could walk, and maybe your food-meter drains faster. And a sailboat would be cool. You could travel long distances in water, and depending on how much wind there is, you went faster or slower. They would also have to add something you could measure how much wind there is. And one more thing. I think it would be awesome if they added random islands in the water witch you could settle on. Something like that. Last, I would love to see this game on Mac OS and on mobile devices. So I could play it on the fly.