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  1. Nope, i dont want to try to lat longer and longer, it could have more places to visit (cave's(?)), but i dont want to be reminded how long i did survive, and i want to be sure, that if i try, i will survive for ever! Its up to you to take more risks and move out of your farm. Game is very good right now, no experience, no quests, no achivments, no "must play or i will get behind" thing. Perfect to relax!
  2. And the bonus part of this, is you would not rush to get it, it would just happen at some point, and be informational/rewarding(?)
  3. I don't think You get what i writed, maybe my english is bad. I don't want "achivments" with descriptions and a place to look on them, i just would like to be presented with a text (somethink like when you click on limb shows "take that nature"), it could communicate to us "Wow, thats a 200th rabbit i have eaten" and so on. I think it would be fun to know once in a while how much weed's have i smoken to set a fire But afcourse it shouldn't be raw communicate like that, but some stylish message like "That's have to be like 10000th spider i just smoked off this island". Anyway, i play and play and i have always something new planned for next day.
  4. Hi, i really like the game, i know there were some discussions about achivment, quests, and such. I have a suggestion that we could be presented like "This is a 1000th tree you cut down", when you actualy cut it down. I'm not sayin we should have counter for everything/page with statistics, but i would like to be supprised at some point and hear about stuff like that. What do You think?