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  1. After a week of trying to get the game to load, I FINALLY got it to work. Like many others, it was my video driver that was causing it to crash. Both Dell's and Nvidia's site told me that me that I had the latest drivers, but I re-installed them just in case. Unfortunately, that didn't work and I thought it was weird that the "latest" driver for my card was from 2007. I got my laptop in 2006, but I was pretty sure there had to be more driver updates beyond 2007.

    I came across an application that did what Dell and Nvidia couldn't and it found all of the latest drivers for my components. Turns out I had 17 out of date drivers. It updated my video driver to the latest version (2011) and BAM, Don't Starve was finally playing on my screen.

    what application ? :confused: