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  1. I like this idea a lot. Technically "rot" is already in game if you consider that torches have dwindling percentages and axes have durability loss.. but the real problem is to keep "Older(earliest collected)" pieces of meat "rotting" at a consistent pace when "Newer(most recently collected)" pieces would either reset the "rot" counter or have their own independent "rot" counter separate from those pieces. Currently I don't think the inventory remembers "This stack from that stack" on a chronological timeline.. reason why nothing with a durability rating (such as axes) are stack-able. None-the-less.. "Rot" gets my vote here. - - - Updated - - -
  2. I've noticed the new "Scared" Rabbit behavior is Boolean based on whether the Rabbit was <on screen> when another rabbit died nearby. As easy as Rabbit hunting was formerly, I'm finding that it is still extremely farm-able.. Even with the new behavior, I can turn out 25-35 morsels in less than a day (depending on prioritization). To me, this is still too easy considering how hard the other avenues of obtaining food are proving. It's the challenge I'm after. I lost a sense of wonderment for the rabbits when I discovered they could be axed down in seconds.. (I'm getting to my point, bear with me) Currently I'm pretty sure this is the rabbit behavior: "If (all actors-rabbits) are (on screen) when (actor-rabbit) dies, then (all actors -rabbits <on screen>) start ("Scurry Home" behavior). I'm proposing this.. Let's make an actual "rabbit morsel" item. An inferior tier of meat to the current standard "Morsel." Then you could implement an even more challenging rabbit behavior based on items in players inventories. Rabbits could "Scare" more easily if a player is carrying a "rabbit morsel" already. To make things even more complicated, the radius of "Scare" could increase as a player gathers more "rabbit morsels." This would keep players from grinding rabbits to self sustain for multiple days unless they divert their attention to storing the morsels before being able to continue grinding.. When a player reaches 20 "rabbit morsels" in their inventory, it could make rabbits NEVER come out of their holes without being trapped- Ultimately causing players to spread their "Wabbit Hunting" out over the course of gameplay, instead of being something able to be "pounded out" in 1-2 days and then ignoring gathering food for 6-10 days. Just an idea.. I'm finding the "Don't Starve" mindset I once had is now a "Don't Get Hit By Nasty Monsters" Mindset... I'm just looking for ways for the "Starving" function to still scare me.. Right now it doesn't. This wouldn't even require extensive coding to implement. Still achievable using Boolean scripts.
  3. Wow so many replies since I posted this.. I'm not saying anything is OP.. just showing my appreciation for something that has bothered me when absent in similar style games. I would just hope it is never removed. Makes me smile when I can trot across the map with a 20 stack of poop that I otherwise would have had to leave behind. thanks for feedback errybody.
  4. I love the new rabbit mechanic. The challenge returns! - - - Updated - - - Sorry for double posts.. the server for the forum failed when I replied and posted twice for me.
  5. Same here.. done updating now.. just died on purpose to start this shindig over again!
  6. They have nicely built houses already at the start of a new game and feature the word "men" in their name... I think this is a yes.
  7. I love my logsuit a lot. Kinda bummed it will replace the backpack and vice versa.. I wish you could construct the back pack INTO the log suit and call it the "Turtle Suit" 6-8 extra slots AND armor... YES PLEASE! ;D
  8. I'm not sure if there is a purposeful reason for making spiders UNABLE to walk through trees. In the nature of reality, I would say that spiders should have no problems with trees.. Currently I can wipe a tier 3 spider hut in under 10 seconds.. here is how and why I want the spider collision to change. If you find a 3 tier spider hut, get ready to burn it to the ground! BUT FIRST!.. Collect 14 pinecones... use the <-- arrow --> keys to change the camera view and build the smallest tightest fence around the spider hut you can possibly muster with 14 trees.... then build a small campfire and over fuel it. In a matter of 15-20 seconds of work and maybe 2-3 minutes of planning, I can harvest around 30 silk in one day using this method. While awesome.. I think it's broken... shouldn't spiders ignore tree collisions since they are natures little ninjas anyway? Is this working as intended? Or anyone have other creative ways to deal with spiders?
  9. sweet idea but the fire hazard raises problems for me.. It seems more practical to introduce a "torch stand" or some similiar item into the game so you can spend extra wood or a cut rock for a place to put a lit torch for the duration of the torch. Kevin said he was working on the torch mechanic since it can be exploited currently for infinite % of fuel. Maybe when the torches don't require you to be using them to run out of fuel, then it could be a balanced proposal.
  10. I'm on my 4th successful run past 50 days and I'm excited to say that this game is still keeping me captivated. I love the repetitive tasks so much I'm starting to think I'm part robot.. But seriously.. my favorite mechanic (even though it is such a small thing to care about) Is the fact that when my inventory is full, I can still pick that last berry bush before dusk and carry the berries to my campfire and cook and eat them.. all with a full inventory and an empty stomach. If Kevin ever changes the "Invisible" inventory slot mechanic, I might punch myself in the nuts.... Hope everyone is still having a blast like I am.. Such a sweet game, Kevin. Thank you!
  11. No. Like others have said... If you're doing things right, Flint becomes less and less necessary.
  12. Thanks for the replies.. I didn't think to use them on spiders yet cause I've been sporting the spear. 2 hits on a spider for a kill.. I put on my log suit and go swinging. About to make 5 or 6 traps and go on a silk farming run. Currently on my best run so far paused on day 26. My map roll was quite nice. Unless something tragic kills me, I should go till day 100. That's my goal at least.
  13. At first I was like... "Traps are awesome! Rabbits will never escape me again!" Then I noticed... If you place yourself on the opposite side of the rabbit's hole that the target rabbit would run to, and click the rabbit with a weapon in hand.. (only click once, mind you..) You will rush toward the rabbit while he runs at you and SWACK.. you get a nice morsel.. Now I never use rabbit traps... My quest for these tentacle pieces continues... Must... Wear.. Feather Hat.
  14. It is continuing to happen.. I've noticed it happens when the meat and my trap switch places in my inventory when I pick up a trapped rabbit. Just had 2 and went to 1 after trapping and rabbit meat switched places to an open inventory slot, while the 40% trap went to the slot my meat was in previously.