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  1. Thank you for the information! And DFox, PST is -8:00 and here in Brazil it is -3:00, but if you live in south with daylight saving time (like me) we are -2:00, so we if the game releases at 10:00 (PST) we will recive it at 16:00. =/
  2. A new mapping system

    Thank you for the link! And for the answer.
  3. Death idea

    No. That's not the point of the game.
  4. Hi there! I'm new to the forums so if I have done any mistake please correct me. I'm kinda new here at the forum but I searched for this and found lots of things about this subject, and many of them are similar, so here I make my suggestion about the map system. 1) As in this post Mini-Map I think that a mini map would be a great improvment, as many times, I catch myself pressing tab SO MANY TIMES to just see something that is right next to me! The mini map (like the ones in MMOs) would help with that. 2) Other improvment could be the addition of marks on the map (the great one that appears once you hit TAB), that you could place and add little notes, this is mainly for things that DON'T apear naturaly in the map like Bunny holes, Pig Houses, FREAKING Tentacles and any other things that you want to mark on the map. 3) As in this post Map , I think that many of the informations shown on the map right now are not that great, it would be better if the biomes where shown with more contrast from one to other, other thing is that by standard showing all the basic resources in many cases the map will say that there is some stone near you, ever before you have actually seen it on the game, taking the informations about grass, stick and stones from the map, or correcting it for showing only when it was actualy seen in the game would make the game more interesting. That's all, let's know what the gammers think about it, and what is the best way to use this resource. If you disagree with me please say so!
  5. From YouTube's channel RandonsPlays, I watched a "let's see this indie game". Just felt in love! ;D
  6. Build a Crock Pot and cook: 4 Monster Meat (Kill Spiders to get that, is very easy) 1 Frog Leg (Get from frogs near lakes, it makes a GREAT food) And ALWAYS cook your food.
  7. Just to inform that the update fixed all the problems with the game that I had. Good job developers team!
  8. Hi, I`m new around here but I have the same problems that you have. And besides when I try to build de bee box it is also invisible rendering.