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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Quarter of screen shown, colors off and cursor off Steps to reproduce Download from Steam, Open program, Press "Play" Describe your issue I tried out the demo on Chrome and this worked perfectly fine, I then decided to buy the game on Steam so I downloaded and installed the game but when I press "Play" I am only shown a quarter of the screen with strange positioning of both the character and the cursor. It seems like the cursor is working as if the whole screen was shown while the character is running around on a quarter of the screen. I have updated my video driver manually, uninstalled and re-installed the game, tested again on Chrome and there it works fine, and all my system requirements seem alright: Intel i7 Core with 2.0 GHz 6GB of RAM 33GB of free Harddrive space NVIDIA 1gb video card (GEFORCE GT 540M) Running Windows 7 on a laptop Btw I would upload a picture but I don't know how to downsize a 485kb picture to a <19,5kb picture... srry