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  1. Yah...I'm an idiot...just realised that when you posted. I don't know how to delete the bug report now
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number 69828 Issue title Grass not regrowing Steps to reproduce Not sure if this can be reproduced. Perhaps start a game. Pick some grass. Exit game. Continue game. Pick different grass. Wait to see if either or both regrow? Describe your issue I logged in to continue a game (resumed at day 114) and have played to day 120. Since I have logged in any grass that was "picked" from last time I played has not regrown. Whereas grass that was ready to be picked at day 114 has regrown several times between then and day 120. I don't know if this is a bug as to why the grass that was picked when I logged in has not regrown. Just thought I would bring it to your attention in case others are having the same problem.
  3. Just drop some meat on the ground and the hounds focus on that. Easy to then run up and attack them. Plus with each one you kill they drop meat so the other hounds focus on eating that and you can attack again. I killed a pack of 5 with out even getting hit once. Seems pretty easy really, you shouldn't need any sort of walls. Also it is safer to fight them outside your base in case one of them is a fire hound. Don't want everything going up in flames.
  4. Also when hounds are coming you get a new sound (kind of a growling/huffing) for about 15 seconds before they reach you. If you drop some meat on the ground it will distract the hound for a few seconds allowing you to run up and attack it. I drop 4-5 pieces on the ground nearby me to ensure that all hounds that show up should be distracted. It only takes a few hits to kill each one.
  5. After playing for a couple of hours today I have found the hounds just seem to show up at random times (day and night) in groups between 3 and 5. Some are just normal hounds others are the flame hounds. The game has a sound associated with the hounds that plays for at least 15 seconds before they reach you (kind of a growling/huffing sound) so you have plenty of time to move away from your base to fight them. Remember to equip a miners helmet or something if you plan to run away from your base at night though!
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform Chrome Version Number - Issue title Miners hat breaks but still provides light Steps to reproduce Wear miners hat to 0% durability. If error message appears close with cross in top right corner of message box. Describe your issue Wore miners hat until 0% left. As Soon as the hat reached 0% an error message came up on screen. (Sorry didn't write it down). Rather than clicking the reset button on the message I just clicked the cross to close it. After that point I had no hat showing in inventory but my character still looked like he was wearing the miners hat and still got the benefit of illumination. I then equipped the football helmet and the character image changed but I still had illumination around me as if I was wearing the miners helmet. Once I exited and re-entered the game the problem fixed itself, but if I hadn't it appeared as if it would just sty that way indefinitely. This was the first and only time I have worn the miners helmet to 0% so not sure if it happens every time or not.