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  1. [Graphics] Game starts, weird graphic bug?

    OK so the work around was to open up the Don't starve local folder and edit the system configuration file, change to 'full screen = false'.Playing in windowed mode works fine, even full screen windowed mode is OK but as soon as the configuration file is put back to 'full screen = true' I get the same graphical glitch.
  2. [Graphics] Game starts, weird graphic bug?

    Hi,I am having the exact same issue, I start up the game, and the main screen of what would be the game shows a collage of what ever screens would be in the background all scrambled.I have had the game for quite a while and played it with no issues at that time. Now a few updates have come out I'm ready to give it another shot but am experiencing this problem.System requirements are fine, graphics card is 2048MB GeForce 660. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling from steam, checked integrity of files, reinstalled direct X as 'GhostyGhost' suggests and all graphics card drivers are up to date.Was there a solution to this issue?