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  1. Thought you all might like to.

    You've got my vote! Also bought Shank 2 (already have Shank), so more money to you guys. Keep developping them awesome 2d games!
  2. MotN Figure?

    Nice shirts, though the Ninja Shadow one is already sold out. I'd like them, but I think the shipping cost to the Netherlands makes them a wee bit too expensive.
  3. Ok, it appears it was somekind of glitch. As mentioned in the previous post, I lost the first 2 voice of hisumo scrolls, while the third was still unlocked. When I got to the second scroll it unlocked the first scroll as normal. When i got to the third scroll in the challenge room, it unlocked the second scroll.So everything was allright in the end, but it's still weird
  4. Summary: Sometimes the game doesn't save properly and when resuming play, certain seals/scrolls/moves don't work/can't be achieved anymore. This happened to me two times. The first time I quit the game just after unlocking the first two upgrades (hangman's hymn and emperor's abyss). When resuming play the moves would not work and restarting level etc. didn't help. After this I deleted the savegame and started over, everything was working fine untill this evening. Since it happened to me once before, everytime I quit playing I press start and choose 'exit game' to make sure everything is saved properly. Then shut down my console during the title screen or when returned to the dashboard. I had progressed well into 'A blade at his neck' when I had to stop. I had all 3 voice of hisumo scrolls. I exited the game as outlined above. When I just started the game again I noticed that only the third scroll of hisumo is unlocked and I'm placed at the beginning of the level. When I picked up the first scroll of hisumo, I do get 1000 points, but the scroll doesn't show up in the seal screen, nor does the voice read the scroll out loud. I don't really want to have to start over again, but it would suck not being able to get certain achievements this way. It's not reproducible since I do not know what causes this problem. Edit: I'm quite sure the problem isn't my Xbox, since I never had this issue with any other game in the past, nor with other games I'm currently playing.