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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Not Gain Expeience Steps to reproduce I died and did not get EXP Describe your issue Once unlocked the guy with the mustache, went with him and managed to survive 58 days! Fine, but when I did not see anything gain EXP! Someone help there!
  2. Problem In The Image

    Help Me Plzzz!
  3. Problem In The Image

    That's right, it gets much worse, but I managed to fix, but now there is this image
  4. Problem In The Image

  5. I enter the game normally, but the picture looks like this: file:///C:/Arquivos%20de%20programas/Steam/userdata/115614908/760/remote/219740/screenshots/2012-11-20_00003.jpg Help Me!
  6. I come into the game all right, but gets a bad image, look at the screnshot: ( file:///C:/Arquivos%20de%20programas/Steam/userdata/115614908/760/remote/219740/screenshots/2012-11-20_00001.jpg ) Help Me!