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  1. I love the idea of start without a map and craft it later but, I think the map would need to use an inventory slot, so you have to decide if you need to carry your map or use the space for another thing.
  2. Well, you are right: increasing hunger is not a good idea. Anyway that examples was to explain the idea, not part of the idea. The experience bar is the simplest way I found to explain this. But one more time, the idea is not the experience bar, it can be any other way. I personally prefer a hidden method. My main idea is the game getting harder while you play. How and when is a balance problem. The unlocking recipes and characters is only a way to keep the player interest to try getting further. This recipes doesn't have to be important ones, maybe only decorative or alternative recipes, but I think is important the existence of a reward. The main reason for this suggestion is my own experience, i have played the game for 12 hours, the game stopped to be challenging some hours before but i keep playing because there was a lot of things to discover(objects, recipes, npcs...). Without a challenge and everything discovered the game have lost most of it fun. The game getting harder is an endless challenge and you will always have a personal score to beat, and in the other hand you can compete with friends(or foes). Personally i really love compete with my friends and we've playing stupid games for months just beating the other's score again and again, trying to keep ourselves in the top. Trying to survive more than my friends seems like a lot of fun to me. The game unlocking things(characters, npcs, recipes, events, diseases, harder seasons... whatever the designers think is right to be unlockable) would be a major reason to keep players playing and trying to get further. Unlocking things is a very powerful weapon for this objective. An endless difficult ramp is indeed a problem if you don't want to see death in the way i see it: a thing that have to happen and you have to delay in any possible way. Anyway, it doesn't have to be a constant desperate struggle, getting harder from one day to another. It can be in a more relaxed way allowing you to enjoy your world while the game doesn't stop to give you new challenges. If not, I think the player will get bored Soon or later. But like you have pointed, it can be an option or something like that.
  3. The basic idea is to increase the game difficult over time. This is my idea of how it could be: The concept: The game will start easy and you will gain experience over time, lets say you win experience for day survived. At some point you will level up, but you will not get stronger, instead of that, the game unlocks new dangers, improve the existing one or maybe unlock new other things. So, the game gets harder when you spend more and more days. The objective: The objective is to give a real value to the question "How long can you survive?". With the game getting harder and harder, survive will become a challenge at some point and finally you will die, giving yourself a personal score to beat the next game: your level. Will you do better in the next game reaching higher level? Getting harder? What do you mean? Some examples of things can be unlocked by leveling up: -Hounds introduced to the game. -More treants will appear. -Animals are now faster. -Bushes need more time to restore berries. -Fire hounds are now more common -Your will get hungry faster They are examples to ilustrate the concept, maybe not every one is a good idea Unlocking other things not directly related to difficult: Also this can be a way to unlock new recipes to research, making more recipes available as you level up,the recipes can unlock every level or at certain level, and it can be unlocked one by one or by groups. Characters can be unlocked this way too, only the first time you get to the required level, of course. If Willow get unlocked, for example, at level 5, you will unlock her during the first game you get to level 5 and she will remain unlocked forever. This way, people will get motivated to play again and again and try to get to a higher level. New characters and new recipes? who can resist to play again and try to get further! But maybe this system is too hard for some people or dont fit with the way they : Like everyone don't want to rush to get stronger before the game gets to hard, the experience can be granted for a lot of actions: building, killing enemies, researching, gathering... So the level up speed will adapt to the style of everyone. You are an experienced player and you can get everything in a few days? You will level up faster and the game will become hard early. You love to take your time to do things, explore, and play in a more relaxed way? You will level up slowly, so the game will not become very hard early, but at some point, the game will challenge you too! Difficult can be added in a easy way too: Sandbox: Experience doesn't exist. You have a menu to unlock everything you want but it will be limited to the higher level reached in a not sandbox game. Easy: halves the experience you get. Normal: you get experience at a normal rate. Hard: you get 50% extra experience. Final thoughts: I think some system like this one will increase a lot the replayability of the game. Ok , maybe not this specific system with the experience bar, but something like that. Thanks for reading and sorry if my English is not very good.
  4. I think magic, in a utility/fun way can be a very good idea. Maybe fun thins like summon a hostile treant, clone a beefalo, or why not, grow a beard not matter who you are. Or utility ones like transform a stone into gold so you can mine it for 4-5 golds, night-vision for 1 night or teleport you to a random place. But always at high cost, maybe 1-2 stacks of things related to the spell itself(logs for summon a treant, stone for the philosopher's scroll, etc)