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  1. aw, this new stuff make me doing more works... I mean, when I edited my download page, my discus thread doing auto post saying that there's new update tho I just edit some info like add/delete some text that no need for such announcement and this is just wasting page in the thread. and after my download page done with editing stuff, I checked my discuss thread and found info in the thread is not auto update, and then I go back to download page to copy the info and paste it in the discuss thread... errr what ???why not just make download link, info page, and discussion, all in 1 page, just like old one but with download abilityedit====ok, i got confuse, there's thread "download:..." with out tag and tagged "[Rel]" ???
  2. add something like "you can't run all day long" with fatigue meter, yea that makes this game harder or maybe that too much, idk but for now this mod add more complexity and bit fun, tho I stress a lot haha
  3. thanks, this help me save my time translating to my desire ... [[Arrrr, yer pyuni lit'eh wra'bitz]] some sort
  4. hey, i try this on steam rev.69253 and its like what you said, he attack himself! wow kinda funny, i think intended tobe like that, no? well i dont know
  5. yea this bit annoying at first cus i dont know bout it, i build many near my camp and they steal all my monster meat and the sad thing is... after that they still going for me ==" ihck they after me nooooooooooooooooooooo knowing that, i build them near spidy nest camp and let the battle royal began! quite fun cus got alot supply of silk and monster meat lol
  6. I thought the damage was random each uses == ex spear have 3-9 damage each use and spiky have 5-7 each uses